Yomega maverick sleep time during tricks

Stock maverick with clean (stock) bearing will definitely spin a lot longer than 1 minutes with proper technique, it will be at least 5 minutes+ that’s for sure.
If you can’t it’s your skill, don’t bash on the yoyo.

no one is bashing the yoyo, but the mavrick is such a light yoyo. less wight to get spinning. I doubt it would be five minutes, and i dont really bielive it would be 7 or more. That’s getting to world record times. I just really don’t see the need for a 50 unrefundable wager. The logic in that is flawed. He obviously has everything he needs, and it’s not THAT hard to throw a yoyo. Don’t get the ‘i fail i get half if i win i get all’ logic.

Well, yah. That’s kinda the point. If I make it to 7 minutes on a Maverick I get $50, if I don’t I get $50… I was trying to help make it happen.

Uh huh, I guess I kinda win either way. :slight_smile:

thats the point bro, you shouldnt get money for not doing something you said you could do. see what i mean?

For the record, most modern meant-to-be-unresponsive plastics are like 6 minutes or so (with my throw), and most metals are well over 7 minutes (up to nearly 13 minutes). Actually I said 5 minutes for the Maverick just to be on the safer side.
Maybe I should make a video…

Yeah you should bro. Make a video, and add tips cause I’ve been yoyoing pretty long now, and I have to like, TRY for any throw to get about 130.

I would guess that you don’t use any sleeper technique, rather simply throw as hard as you could an then leave it alone? if that is the case 5 minutes will be practically impossible for pretty much any yoyo.
Sleeper technique is done by pinching the string near the yoyo and twist it one way or another which will cause the yoyo to tilt in certain way. You would then balance the yoyo to keep the string from touching the wall.
Watch this guy getting 5 minutes from a fhz. Not everyone in the video have the proper technique though…

I thought we were talking about sleeper like the trick. like throw and leave it alone. Yeah no, THAT makes sense. When most people (at least, the ones i know) hear sleeper time, they mean the regular throw and leave alone, as that’s a better interpretation of how long it’ll sleep through combos. I guess we just all got our signals crossed.