Yomega Maverick question

My friend just got a Maverick and when I threw it, it only sleep about 15 seconds and is really responsive. The bearing is like attached to the half of the yoyo without the axle and doesn’t spin very fast. Is this normal?

the bearings come pretty responsive in the maverick. give the bearing a quick clean… you can find the tutorial for that sticked in the list of helpful modding threads.

Yoyo jam or is it yomega

Its a Yomega :).

What do you mean it has no axle?

The bearing is a tight fit in the spacer.
It probably is responsive and short spinning because of hair trapped underneath or dirt.

De-Shield your bearing before attempting this.

EDIT** Is this post showing all of it? It’s seems to be glitched.

After you get it out, get some mineral spirits and put some in a small GLASS cup or jar ect. Let it sit for about 5-10 mins. When done take it out, put it on a pin or hold it and spin it until it is dry (you can also use a paper towel). Then put it in your yoyo (clean the bearing seat with rubbing alchohol and a Que-Tip). Then ad some THIN lube. Spin it and go :).

My friend has the dash and its freakin awesome it sleeps for a minute so im surprised the maverick is like that

Sorry yomega

When you unscrew the yoyo one half has the axle thing, the other is where the bearing is attached.

The axle can not be in both halves, how would it screw together? It’s supposed to stick in one side and be pretty firm.

As well as the bearing. Your really not supposed to unscrew it at all.

You can unscrew a yoyos “wings” or whatever and the part that screws into he other half of the yoyo. That’s what I mean by axle. Sorry if that’s not the right term.

The axle is this the long part http://emob1296.photobucket.com/albums/ag2/Bcmaddog/B4B94806-43D3-4261-97C3-C5CA55B4DC2A-501-00000038E43B3925_zps526c78cd.jpg?t=1361228899. It is only supposed to be in one half. So if it is in one half there is nothing wrong with the yoyo.

I’m not seeing what we’re disagreeing on.

Just take your bearing out and clean it in mineral spirits for 5-10 mins. Then take it out and spin it dry add some lube and your good.

Bcmaddog, you’re missing the point. And that’s actually pretty normal for the bearing to be stuck if it’s the new Maverick with the C Sized bearing. And the bearing barely spinning, Yomega heavily lubes their bearings. My advice is practice your throw. Lubed or not, it really only affects the sleep time a bit. But if you’re very intent on cleaning the bearing, here’s a Guide To Maintaining Your Bearing. P.S. DON’T clean your bearing with water.

I think I am missing the point a little. I know it’s C sized. I didn’t think about him not getting a good throw. Well what if the bearing has hair? He should clean it.

he’s saying you’re over thinking it really; the fact that the bearing is stuck to one side isn’t the problem.

Doubt it. That rarely happens, and he never said something about the bearing being crunchy.

Hey guys. My question got answered. Haha thanks.

i agree with you it always seems like beginners can only throw a 10-15 second sleeper if they are beginners.

Welli can do longer with other throws. It literally dies immediately.

I’m completely sorry about the misunderstanding :).

I thought your where throwing it good and it was running out if spin time quickly. Which made me think the bearing was dirty or something.

I get it all now!