How to throw a great sleeper

I know this sounds like… well… you know what I meant… haha
But seriously, How can I throw a better Sleeper? I mean beside throw the Yo-Yo every day… which else I can do to train my arm or hand or finger or what so ever…

I think my Yo-Yo is good, and my Bearing is great… String is New… and My sleeper can only last for about 30 seconds… Just throw the Yo-Yo, and let it spin in the bottom, Not hold short the string, or breaking the wind, and stuff.

I have been playing Yo-Yo about 4 months now, and be able to do half of the advance trick that posted on Yo-Yo expert. Just to give an idea where is my skill level at. But My Sleeper still pretty bad… Compare the other player which last for at least about 5 mins, or at the very least, on the minute level. I can’t even make the Yo-Yo sleep more than 40 seconds. haha.

I must doing something wrong… But I don’t know what.

Thank you for the Help!!!

If your bearing is great, check your response and make sure it’s not rubbing the bearing. If that is clear throw harder and straighter.

When you think you are throwing hard enough, you’re not! No reason at all that a broken in bearing shouldn’t spin for more than 30 seconds.

Straight out of the box, with my 2.5 months of “skill”, my YYF ONE on the first toss I got over 40 seconds of sleep on it before I felt I had to recall it.

I can get easily over a minute and a half out of my dark magic II on the responsive bearing. I haven’t timed myself on the speed bearing yet as I’m too busy working on bind returns to care about sleep time.

I’d say if you can do all the tricks you want to, you’re fine. At the same time, many of us, myself included, should continue to practice our throw. DAILY if possible is best.

Could it be my arm , hand, and finger are too weak? haha?

Your arm and wrist work together. You swing your arm down but don’t go all the way down. Stop when your arm has swung right in front of you.

Before you swing your arm down in front of you, curl your wrist. When you swing your arm out snap your wrist outwards. Incorporated together correctly, you’ll get a good sleeper.

Also you’re just gonna need to PRACTICE to get it right. Lot’s of practice.

Flicky… flicky the wrist…