Longer spins?

few questions about sleep time and throws

-does it matter if i throw a sleeper or breakaway?
-sometimes my throw wobbles, how do i fix this? i know i can practice throwing until i get it but are there any tips???
-when i first got my yoyo, it could sleep longer than what it does right now (it was pre cleaned) why is that?

#1: Not really, but the way it spins, not spin time
#2: Just throw, try to throw straight down the line. Practice throwing parallel to the wall.
#3: Try cleaning the bearing. Under modifications sticky.

Generally, the standard power throw (regular sleeper) will allow you to put more oomph into it, leading to longer sleepers. But if you’re doing sidestyle tricks, a breakaway is just as good and doesn’t look silly.

Practice throwing the yoyo as straight as you can. Right as you’re getting ready to throw, look at the yoyo and see if it’s tilted or if you aren’t holding it in such a way that it’ll roll straight out. Don’t worry too hard, it’ll come with practice.

Perhaps the bearing needs to be cleaned. Or perhaps the response system isn’t as grippy as it was when you got it. If it slips, there’s a lot of energy in your throw that can go to waste.

What Elephark said ^^ Practice throwing straight first. Throwing hard won’t do you a bit of good if the throw isn’t straight.

For your last question, what kind of yo-yo is it? Has it been modified at all? How long have you been throwing it?

Have Fun,