Sleep time bragging

Just got a 7:15 sleep time on my c13. I am sooo happy.

So, what’s your guys best sleep time?

5:36 on a Stock DM waaay back.

3:15-ish on a Kickside waaay back.

Well I got 2:30 on a SpeedMaker… And that’s the longest I’ve ever managed to time without getting bored.

somewhere around 12 minutes. It was on a custom yoyo with serious weight rings added. I think it was a projam.

8 minutes on a stock DNA

I’ve timed 4 minutes or so with my L3, but that was a while ago and since then I’ve just plain not cared enough to take that time.

47s on a no jive.
long sleepers are INCREDIBLY boring to me.

i get arond 3 minutes on my legacy some times

Never really bothered to time myself, but like a year ago, I timed myself and got 1:14 with a stock Kickside.

Tell me about it. Watching that stupid yoyo for 12 minutes!

I can’t understand how you managed to pull that off. Not the sleeper, but the fact that you had to stare at a yoyo for 12 minutes. I’ve tried that before but I end up with a bind before I hit 3 minutes.

Like Jonas, I get bored at around 2-3 minutes. The longest one I think I could handle was 2:45.

me too. yoyo ing isn’t the same as it was a looooong time ago. back then that was the fun, not that is so boring we can’t even stand it more then 2-3 minutes

16 hours! Man I hate being sick… You loose the whole day…

I got 5 minutes on my stacks w/ my G5

its too tempting to pull of a trick

Same here! its just to hard to stare at it and imagine all the fun you could be having! haha 3:14s on my Die-Nasty was painfull

its just so hard to not want to do a trick, ive tried it before and ended doing a trick.

I had to distract my self. I think I was listening to a skylit drive

I tried timing once, and got very bored before 1Min. Never timed one again.

timing is boring. Watching a yo-yo spin. Nothing happening to it. THE AGONY!!!