Bearing spin times


What is every ones opinion on what gives your throw the longest sleep time?


A good straight throw.



SO after youve mastered your good straight throw…


Basically just that. :wink:

Do you mean bearings?


If you’ve got enough spin time to get through your trick and/or combo, then unless you’re going for “longest spin on a throw”, then it really doesn’t matter.

A good, strong, straight throw is what will be necessary to give you the longest sleep time, if we’re talking just a static hang. If you’re talking “after things get moving”, well, then you have to add “land clean”.

That’s about all I can really advise at this point.

I know some bearings can give longer spin time than others. I don’t care about that. If I can get through a trick or combo, that’s good enough for me. If I have enough spin time, I don’t need anything else.


The longest sleeping (as in “I am doing a sleeper trick”) bearings are the ones that help you keep the string in the middle of the bearing and not rubbing up on the side of the yoyo. There are a bunch and I am sure everyone has their favorite. konkave, center trac, trifecta, etc…

If you are doing tricks, that is another story. The movement of the yoyo will either keep the string lined up in the middle or push the string to the side and cause friction. If you are well practiced, the yoyo can spin for a very long time with a flat or not flat bearing, but I still think curved/grooved bearings can help for a longer spin time.

Do I think the curved/grooved bearings are “better” than a flat like a 10-ball? No, but they will probably spin longer.


Spinning bearings on a flick isn’t a real indicator of how well you can expect a bearing to perform.

I’ve had bearings go from no spin to 24 seconds(same bearing), and others start at 29+ seconds. One Drop 10 Ball, KK’s, CenterTracs, TerrapinX, YYJ Speed bearings, Trifeca, Crucial Groove…

That along is enough time to do quite a bit of stuff.

But if you’re not hitting clean enough or throwing straight enough, the bearing is merely something to keep the two halves from slamming into each other. I do agree the shaped bearings to help keep the string away from the response and walls, that’s the whole purpose.


If you are a newbie like myself and cant land all your tricks super clean, the Trifecta will be your best friend. I am always amazed how much spin is left when I bind after a combo with my Trifecta bearing.


I disagree. Properly cleaned and Terrapin X treated, I’m getting flick spin times over 30 seconds on most bearings. I think you’re confusing your throw improving over the bearing’s affect on your play. I will state though that shaped bearings that center the string do help keep the string from the response and walls. However, a centered string on a bad throw is, well, a centered string on a bad throw.

But, if anyone feels that a specific bearing in a particular yoyo belps them in some way, I would say that the user has found an ideal set up, For some players, a bearing can make a world of difference. I do this too. I found a KK worked wonders in a Meteor and Speeder 2, while the stock flat in the Chaser seemed to be the best fit for that yoyo. I do recommend trying bearings.

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Once you can throw good and straight, you are ready to throw harder!


From what I’ve found, bearing is mostly a preference. As Studio42 mentioned, each yoyo may have certain bearings, string, etc. which may improve your performance with it. It’s all about feel. ;D


I test bearings from a drop, no throw at all. I iike to see over 2 min with the steel and 3+ with the S/C ceramics.
Some skill required.