My spin time?

I have a grind machine and the spin time isn’t so great? is it my throw, is it cause it’s a new yoyo? Do I need lube? What’s the problem? I just ordered a Dark Magic 2 and some thick and thin lubes just in case. So can anyone help me out? will the dark magic be alot better? Because With my Grind Machine I can’t even get a mach 5 going. Any answers will be appreciated unless meaningless to the topic. Thank you

I have both and the dm2 is alot better I do not like the grind machine.You will notice a huge difference when you get your dm2.

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You just boosted my confidence thank you, I can get into a mach 5 perfectly with my grind machine but when I start the rotate it just dies out on me instantly.

no, it’s your throw

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well how can I fix it then, I’m throwing as stiff and putting as much “umph” in it as I can.

It’s your throw, I could compete with a Plastic Grind Machine if I wanted to… It’s a fantastic yoyo.

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Well like what I said in my other comment, how can I fix this?

practice your throw alot that is how to improve your throw

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It is your throw. And a DM2 is not better than the PGM. I can do Ladder Escape can be done on both of them. Both great throws, just different specs.

You can improve your throw, well, practice. Flick your wrist, and snap your wrist while you “throw” your arm. Combined, it can make a spin time up to 2-3 min on a PGM.

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Thank you, any other tips? I’m snapping my wrist alright and as I type this I’m working on my throw, any tips for getting into a split bottom mount? I’m as well having trouble with getting the yo-yo to loop around my finger and land on the string.

well the closer the yoyo is to your finger,the easier. but dont get too close or your hand will touch the yoyo and kill the spin time

well as soon as it get’s over my finger and hit’s the string, it shoots back and spin’s against my finger and it just burns my finger. Not sure what im doing wrong but im doing something.

post a vid?

Throw Bind Throw Bind Throw Bind Throw Bind Throw Bind
Practicing your throw…Like a boss!

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Eh I have no way sadly of posting any kind of vid, an explanation is all I have :confused: It’s like this, I get the yo-yo over my finger and then when it lands on the string, it’s as if it starts to bind and it grind’s up against my finger in a painful way. I just don’t understand what I’m doing wrong. I’m a good distance from the yo-yo.

so it snaps back to you hand when you dont want it to? i would definatly recommend cleaning the bearing if its responsive.

also check out this vid. you might be doing something wrong

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Oh thank you this video is kind of helping with my problem.

I’m new, but I think it’s your throw.

I have a Dark Magic II, ordered thick and thin lube. I like the sleep time on the thin lube using the thin bearing, but I like to double-loop the strong to increase responsiveness, which isn’t compatible with string tricks, as I’m learning. I’m new to all of this, so in general, I am learning.

I timed my sleepers the other day, following the advise of a few people in the chat room. It’s all in the throw. I managed to improve my sleeper from around 35 seconds to over a minute just by getting better with my throw being straighter. That’s just within a 30 minute period of practicing. However, the next day, it was almost as if I’m starting over. So, practice a LOT! It turns out the sleep should be MUCH longer than what I have it right now, so I have a lot of work to do!
(At about a minute and 15 seconds, it starts to spin out. At about a minute and 5 seconds, it comes back with a big tug, but SLOWLY!)

One thing I like about the Dark Magic II(which many other yoyos have similar features) is that the metal and plastic construction make it easier to see if your throw was nice and straight or not, or wobbly or whatever. Nice fast visual cue.

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As I’m sure just about everpony said above me. You need to work on getting your throws down. Yes some throws will spin longer then others but the point is just about any throw will get the job done if you have your throws down. don’t believe me watch this…

So as long as your bearing is working you should be able to pull it off with a solid throw.

You have a bad bearing or it’s full of grease. I have a good one in my old Lyn Fury and it will sleep over two minutes if I just drop it.