Is it me? Or does my DM slow down too fast?

So I recently bought my first unresponsive yoyos. I bought a OneDrop Dingo and a YYJ Dark Magic. To give you an idea of my skill level I can do plastic whips, wrist whips, McBride Roller Coaster, Buddha’s Revenge and Mondial, to name a few. Most of which I have learned using my Dingo.

I can do all of these with my Dingo just fine, but it seems that with my Dark Magic even doing tricks like the Matrix slows it down ALOT. It’ll spin for over a minute sleeping, but tricks slow it down way too much.

I have no YYJ lubes only Yomega Brain Lube (which I hesitate to apply to my DM). So the bearings (on both yoyos) are stock.

Do I just need to practice more? Do I have a lemon? Or am I just spoiled with my Dingo (I love how my Dingo plays)?

Yes, no, yes. In that order.

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I have a DM and all you need to do to drastically improve spin time is get yourself a dif-e-yo konkave bearing. It is what I’m using and it increases spin time during tricks by a large margin. It keeps the strings centered and away from the sides.

Or just practice your throw, read my siggy…

soak the bearing in lighter fluid and put light valve oil for trumpets on it

Shave the orings, clean the bearing, and shim the gap. It is a great player.

Bull. Just throw more. I hate KK’s, and the fact that everyone thinks that they are practically like an angel. Flat bearings are just fine!

Siliconing the o ring half will really help too, read my sig lol

It isn’t bull if I used the method and got results. I used the DM’s stock yyj bearing then switched to the KK and it made the DM way less responsive during string tricks. There are lots of ways to improve spin time, I just gave my method (proven) of doing it.

imo the only reason it slows down is because the hybrid responce, for a dm u need:
3.if u go to the extreme sand the starburst and sili recess

But you dont need to just buy a bearing and your yoyo will magically sleep twice as long as you guys are saying, you need to work on your throw more than anything, practice>money.