Spin Time for a skyy chaser?


i am soon going to purchase the spyy skyy chaser probally a SB but wondering what the spin time would about be or maybe a yoyo similar to it


It will spin plenty long.


long enough


about how long like 2 min?


It will spin as long as you make it spin. Spin time varies from person to person and from experience level.


Haha! This is similar to this thread: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,12363.msg127320.html#msg127320

To the OP, read that thread.


maybe you stick with a plastic it seems like you are pretty new to yoyoing


Johnny got his to spin for 7 min 43 sec.
Billy got his to spin for 20 sec.

They used the same yoyo. Thats a re- enactment based on true events. The identity of the players were changed to respect their privacy.

(stephen_cameron) #9

I like the way you explained it. Simple yet effective.


no i no every intermediate trick that was taught on here so now like yesturday night i just started looking at advanced which looks pretty hard haha


Notice if you will, Andre uses his Dark Magic to demonstrate ALL the 1a tricks. Granted… I’ve heard he has a ceramic KK his is better than a stock Dark Magic. For the most part it is the player, not the yoyo.


Actually, it was just a plain KonKave bearing. Currently, André uses a DM with a Center-Trac Bearing and a tightened gap.


Thanks for correcting me Samad, I had read that off a youtube comment so I was totally sure.