YYF Genesis Question


does anyone know how long the genesis spins for? considering getting one.


its more the player and not the yoyo. it does spin long though. on a nice, solid, practiced throw you could easily get a good 2 minutes out of it.


spin time is not typically accounted for anymore. It really depends on throw.


On a good throw, itll go for quite a while. A few minutes with a good bearing.


Long enough to do tricks.


thanks I’m using the protostar and I can get a decent 40 sec so I wanted an “upgrade”


? With a nice, solid, practiced throw you should be able to squeeze almost two minutes out of a fixed axle. Genesis will spin for that long if you just drop it.

Spin time is irrelevant, it all depends on what you can do.


also what’s the better string type to use I’ve been using polyester for awhile

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Poly is fine. With the setup you’re using, the main factor in how long it’ll spin depends entirely on you.


poly is the norm. no string upgrade necessary, although i have weird preferences for worn down nylon string.


Genesis, personaly I can get 4-5 just blowing through combos. But my style is more relaxed and gentle, and not like Hiroyuki speed. That effects the spin time is how fast your bouncing the yoyo around when doing tricks. It is one of THE best 5a throws out there imo. As for string, stick to regular poly. Try different strings, but in the long run, regular poly is what you wil be using 9/10 times. If you only use like Dragon String, then your used to the ease of whips or slacks. Regular poly makes you practice. If you can land a quad brent stole on reg polly, you dont need any other string. (Which I can do ;))



depends on ur throw…any yoyo can spin for any amount of time it’s all about practice…Ik guys who can get a velocity to spin 3+ minutes




that’s insane with the velocity

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  1. As already stated, spin time is based on the user. Some can make it spin for 2 mins, others can make it spin for 10.
  2. It doesn’t matter at all.
  3. Polyester is the string used by advanced players and competitors; and it is pretty much the standard in yoyoing.
  4. Your user name is “yoyofactoryuser”… shouldn’t you be answering these questions? lol


Spin time as stated depends on the player, not the throw, to a certain extent at least.

obviously you’ll achieve longer spin times easier with a genesis than you would with a One

the genesis is a competition standard and one of the best yoyos money can buy, even to this date. It’s one of YYF’s flagship yoyos (along with the severe/supernova and a few others but those two are really YYF competition standards)

truth is, if you have to ask, you most likely are a beginner, so your spin time will basically be much shorter than any advanced player with a $10 plastic, but much longer, still, than what you would get out of the velocity. But I bet most advanced players will have a velocity spin longer than a beginner with a genesis.

the bottom line is, have fun, get a yoyo you like and have fun with it. don’t bother too much about performance, 99% of today’s metals and 70% of today’s plastic are well above yesterday’s competition top throws.