Is an Hour worth it?


I’m looking for a new yoyo, and I was looking at the Hour. Is this a good yoyo in terms of spin time and stability?




Oh yeah, forgot, got another question. How long will this yoyo last? Especially the response pads. Mine always fall out.


I’m anti-Werrd at the moment. I’m not discussing that. Regardless, let me be subjective:

Most response pads should last a good long time, but it varies from player to player and yoyo to yoyo, and pad type to pad type. Some pads just plain last longer than others.

My DM2 lasted over 9 months of heavy play with the stock pads. Your wear may vary. In my Fiesta XX, the adhesive succumbed to humidity in Vietnam, and after I came home, I siliconed that yoyo. Those pads had been on there well over a year. In that case, the pad was falling out.

I’m thinking that for you, pads should last at least 3 months. For your other yoyos, they aren’t just coming out quickly, are they? I’m wondering if you’re getting lube or solvents on them. If it’s just bad adhesive, using contact cement can address the situation. Really, for the most part, any brand and any pad should last a while, which would include Werrd.


Hours are great yoyos: 7075 aluminum, full size, competitive metal throw with matador spikes for something like $60 is an absolute steal. Even at the normal price of $75 it’s a great value. Their anodizing and etch jobs are really quite cool.

As for how long they ‘last,’ it should be as long as any metal, with proper care. Treat it like a beater and it will last as long as a beater. Just keep an eye on the response after a while and it should work just fine. Also, get some extra pads, I think they fit normal CBC pads.


bump! Trying to decide before tonight!


Get it, one of the best throws if used


You should wait just a bit… There’s a new hour coming out, the hour 2k13.

I revised the weight distribution to see if we could speed up the Hour on the string a little. This is tricky for such a large diameter yoyo but I was able to do this by adding percentage weight to the rim and increasing spin time while actually making the 2K13 Hour lighter and more maneuverable. Success.


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I love mine its awesome