Which response pads last the longest?

I yoyo for an average of four to five hours a day and have been yoyoing for almost nine months. i have replaced a lot of pads. Right now I am using IR Pads they are the longest lasting that i know of. Has anyone found pads that last longer or are better? Thanks guys :stuck_out_tongue:

Unless you’re practicing hard for a contest, you shouldn’t need to change most pads out too often. I use various yyf pads and only have to change them after a few months, though I do wear them till they fall out most of the time.

Of what I tried, hat pads are the most durable.

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I’ve had hat pads in my Prestige for well over a year and, while I need new ones, it still works alright.

looks like i am going to be trying hat pads next:)

Definitely, they give nice tight binds.

Keep in mind they only fit General-Yo’s, or CLYW’s, if you stack them.

scissors exist

wait what does it mean to stack them?

Stack, as in to put one atop another

Oh ok thanks!