What response pads should I buy


I’m a total newbie about yoyos. So after some survey and recommendations from the forum, I settled on the ONE. I want to go for the starter kit from this site.

Question #1: Do I need replacement response pads if I imagine playing with the yoyo at most 30 minutes a day? That is, I’m sure the originals will wear out at some point, but if it will take a year, then I can wait some time before ordering replacements. On the other hand, I don’t live in the US, so it’ll take me about a month until I can have someone bring them over.

Question #2: Which should I buy? If I will want to try unresponsive play, do I need a different set of pads? The page at http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/64/YYF-Response is extremely confusing, with lots of options in the drop down (and the description doesn’t help me to decide either)


A year of 30 minutes a day-- plus the ONE isn’t a heavy yoyo, so it will respond fairly easily without much friction…

I don’t know if I would bother. But then again, pads are cheap. A pair of the YYF white pads (which is what the ONE comes with) will be fine. If I’m not mistaken, you do not need to change pads to change the play characteristics of the ONE, just the bearing. I always kept my ONE responsive, though… I might have just forgotten. :wink:

Thanks! What is your opinion of the Classic? And response pads?

YYJ Classic uses o-rings which last a really long time. The classic is also way better than the one imo.

I play on average a little over 1 hour a day and the response on my most used throw normally last around 4-5 weeks.

I think you’re probably the exception to the rule, kadabrium; or at least in the small minority! I’ve never met anyone else who changes them that regularly.

But it doesn’t hurt to have an extra set or two.

I’ve shared my opinion on the Classic in your other thread: it well out-performs the ONE, but it might still not be the yoyo for the job. It’s hard to keep it responsive, whereas the ONE is an excellent little player that responds easily. Dollar for dollar, the Classic is for sure the “better” yoyo, but that doesn’t mean it’s the better one for the job.

About the yoyo, since I want one for myself and one for my son, I’ll buy both and let him choose.

Still confused about the response pads… which color?

Just go with the white. :slight_smile: