Response pads questions!

(Tyler Krasavage) #1

Hey guys. I am pretty new here so bare with me. I know the basics about responce pads but had a few questions. First off, im assuming you should change them once your binds get slippy or your yoyo is too unresponsive on binds, and im sure you get a feel for that over time, but correct me if i am wrong. Second, I was wondering when you would you 2 vs 1? and do all yoyos typically have groves for 2? if so is it okay to only use one and leave the other grove empty? Lasty, what kinds do I want to buy? for YYF i see they have their own that fit all their C size bearing/ yoyos, so would I just experiment with colors/ types? Finally, I have a couple non yyf yoyos, like the cadence, what kind would i buy for something like that? Sorry for the overload, any/all help is greatly appreciated!! Thanks a lot,


(Gethin) #2

Grab a yyf pad kit and experiment with the different kinds as different colours perform differently, I would only recommend taking out a pad for Duncan friction sticker yoyos to make them more unresponsive, that’s my 2 cents, good luck!

(Tyler Krasavage) #3

Wow just saw that, that is exactly what i will do thanks!!


Yup, this is part of the fun of yoyos: putting on your scientist hat for a little while and experimenting with different ways to set up your yoyos to give you the response you want. You have a lot of options out there to choose from, and every yoyo is going to be a little bit different.

You can certainly try doing a response pad in only one side, but some yoyos will slip on the binds. Sometimes the string can get pushed into that empty recess and if it’s deep enough, I’ve felt it catch on the string a little bit, which can add a little vibe to your throw. What I’ll do a lot of times is replace the response pads one at a time. That gives the old pads a little extra life and makes the spares last longer, but this only works as long as I’m not getting “slippy” binds with one good pad and one worn pad.

(ChrisFrancz) #5

Almost all, except loopers, use 19mm slim which is what I prefer since they are not very thick. Too thick and…ick. At the top of this page is a search bar where you can find tutorials on pads and how to make your own with flowable silicone.