Ever use just one response pad in a modern (2020 era) yo-yo?

I recently got a Batsquatch 7068 through BST here and even though I had put a nice fat string on it, it seemed a little slippy. While clearing a knot today I noticed that the pad seemed pretty shallow. Then I checked the other side and I couldn’t even feel it. Took off the bearing and found that only one side had a pad. This gave me the opportunity to install new ones (only my second time replacing response) and now it’s binding tight. Hopefully they’ll break in a bit because I like the feel of a little burning rubber on binds, but it’s definitely better.

I know…“cool story, bro,” but my question: Is anyone out there using one pad intentionally to make an unresponsive throw even less responsive? I know there were all sorts of tricks like that back in the day, but this throw came out last year.


I really like the natural brown pads from yyf if I find response too bitey
I also hear self done flow silicone is a good option

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Thanks. I have the YYF pack with one of each type so I’ll try the natural.