How to tell when I need new response pads

I have been yoyoing for a long time but I can never tell when I need new response. Some of the yoyos that I have been playing forever have the same response as when I got it. Can you tell me a how to tell when I need to replace them.

Well when the yoyo stops responding that is one clue.

I dont know what you want to hear, if the yoyo isn’t responding as snappy as it used to, it might be time for new response pads.


I played my Regen so much that I didn’t really notice my response wearing down until I started taking my MYY N12 as my daily carry throw. Since that has much fresher response pads, when I went back and threw the regen after a while, I could tell the pads weren’t grabbing very hard anymore. Poured some monkey snot in the response grooves, and 24h later, it is good as new, even better with the monkey snot IMO.

There isn’t a specific time.
As long as you’re happy, then keep it as is.
If you feel it isn’t performing to your standards, it’s time for a change.