How often should I change my response pads?

I got new response pads but I’m not sure how often I should change them so please help.

Thanks in advance!

I rarely change mine. I only change them if they fall out or binds are slippy which can happen between 3-6 months for me

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I have never changed them unless they broke. Just keep on playing until they fall out. It works fine.

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Keep playing with them until you feel like your binds are too slippy even after changing strings.

When the rpm’s start to fall off, which should be long before you have slippery binds.
I give this advice because you question suggest’s to me you don’t have a developed throw. That being the case waiting for slippery binds is going to leave you with a yoyo that doesn’t spin well for quit some time, before you get to the point of it not binding well.

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to check the look at the pads and you know the circle where the pads go see how far down they go if there almost at the top like there stick out kinda that means there fairly new if there really low then you should change them
also to check if your binds are very slippery and hard to pull back up then change them :slight_smile:

when they break. or don’t bind.

I’m too lazy to replace mine until I feel the binds slipping, but pay good attention to what Schnayke says-- your response system is a huge factor in the throw as well, not just in the bind.

When your binds start getting slippy and unreliable. Depending on use, response pads can last months

I change mine when they fall out.

I’d recommend using silicone instead of pads, as it’s much cheaper, and you don’t have to wait for shipping (although you do have to wait 24 hours for it to cure)
They sell it at the 99 cent store.

But as far as how often, like everyone said, once you binds get slippy.

Whenever you feel like it. If you feel like your binds are slipping, change them out. The next time you make a purchase at YYE, pick up a couple of pairs.