When to replace silicone response pads?


How do you know it’s time to replace your pads? I’m throwing a shutter and am noticing that it’s getting a little lazy when returning after a bind.

Replacing your silicone response pad stickers

When you start to get consistently slipping binds. Note the importance of ‘consistently’ in that sentence please :wink:
Some people will do it when they start to break down and start angling in and down towards the bearing, but I don’t take my yoyos apart enough to notice that, just the binds for me. Also if I know this particular yoyo can do a quadruple-on trapeze without any issues, but starts to get sketchy at 5, but now all of a sudden can do 6 no problem, it’s time (just kinda random numbers, but you get the point)

(Erik Kerber ) #3

Yea I always change mine when the start slanting down twoards the bearing


Also, when you feel more of a thunk on the throw or when spin times are noticeably lower (spin times are hard to gauge though). You need those pads to give power to the throw!

Replace string first of course.


Yes, dead string cause a lot of the thunk on a throw.


agreed. always try a new string first. if after that its still real slippy on binds, then its probably time to change the pads. pads can normally last quite awhile so once you put the new ones, you should be good to go. :wink: