Silicone response pad question

I have an upgraded YYJ classic with the unresponsive bearing and pads. How long should the pads last before needing replacing? It doesn’t seem to bind as well lately. Alternately if lube gets on the pads, will the binds not be as “grippy”? What should I use to clean it with?



Depends which pads you’re using, the type of string you use and just how picky you are with the snappiness of binds. My pads last anywhere between a few weeks to a few months. If you feel that it’s getting a bit slippy on the bind, time to replace the pads. Don’t think lube getting on the pads is a huge issue.


Does the flowable silicone work better? I’m using the YYJ upgrade kit. The pads are about 3 weeks old

I wouldn’t say flowable is better necesarily (it is imo), but it’s cheaper in the long run

O there only 3 weeks old. The pads are totally fine then. How old is the string? if the string is freyd and thin that can make binds less snappy.

3 weeks is not long on those pads. They should be good for a considerable amount of time.

Replace your string every hour of play.

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Depends what type of string u use. :stuck_out_tongue:

Shows you what I know. For some reason I thought older strings would grip more. I thought the fuzzy part would be more likely to grip the side.

I’m using the Slick 6 50/50 blended string… and I don’t change it enough.

Yea changing you string is very important. But every hour seams a little extreme to me but now I know well enough where I can just look at a string and see how frayed it is and know if it needs to be changed or not,.

Sounds logical but not at all true. Fresh strings r more grippy.

Yep, especially w/slick 6 (or cotton) string response goes down as the string wears. A fresh string makes all the difference in the world. I don’t use poly so I can’t say. In any event changing every hour is excessive.

Yeah, changing a string every hour is really overdoing it. Even kitty string is good to use for at least 3-5 hours of play. And if you get string from some of these custom makers, they can sometimes last between 5-10 hours of play (depending on how you play of course). I think k it’s crazy how some of these people change strings after so little play time. I’ve even read here that some guys even change their string every 15 minutes… That’s completely out of hand if you ask me…