When to replace response pads?

(Carson Reid) #1

So, for strings it’s:
“Replace when it feels kind of sticky”
“When the colour changes”

For bearings it’s:
“Clean whenever it makes a different sound than normal”
“Clean whenever it’s noisy”

And then for axles its the good old
“'omg what the heck did you do to need to replace your axle”

…but I can’t find anything for response pads?
Like, at all?

So, please post in here mainly how YOU know you need to replace your response pads, and then you can also post how you know you need to replace your string or clean your bearing (…or replace your axle? No idea what would cause that to happen, but I feel like it would be obvious if it needed to be changed.)

(Tyler) #3

Pretty much just when you notice your binds are slipping. Probably a few months of every day use? Longer if you rotate yoyos you use?


I know with silicone (manual install) it can get torn up and ripped in places from play. I’ve never seen that happen with the silicone stickers.

The one time I did replace pads was on a favorite Deep State, I felt the binds were kinda slippy (it’s a responsive) and even lubing the bearing and replacing the string didn’t help, so … maybe that’s your answer? When you’ve cleaned the bearing and replaced the string and the yoyo still plays weird to you… time to replace the pads?

(Nathan) #5

This may help: