Pad Assistance

I recently acquired some used yo-yos in BST. Being kind of new to the world of yo-yo maintenance, I wanted to ask what the telltale signs might be for determining you need to change the response system due to use. From what I’ve read it sounds like it really doesn’t have to be done much for most yo-yos. It could just be me as I’m working with fairly new yo-yos (to me anyway) and I need to figure out their nuances but I’ve seen some slipping on binds so I thought I would ask. I changed the string and still see some slipping. As for the yo-yos they are part of the YYF Fundametal line using K-pads.

Are there any gotchas when replacing these pads? I’ve never taken pads off but it seems straightforward except for pulling the old ones out of the recess I suppose.

If it feels like they are slipping then it doesn’t hurt to change out the pads. As far as taking them out and putting new ones in, it is pretty straightforward. Just make sure you clean out the old glue from the old pads so the new ones hold better.

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yeah when the binds are slipping and not tight then you should change ur pads. if you have silicone in the pad recess it takes some work to clean it out good like i had to do with my genesis but i got it goood