Having trouble deciding.

I have no idea what to get. I would like whatever I get to be 100 or under, as I want to get two of what I pick. I do some horizontal, my play is generally mid speed to fast. I prefer anything from mid to full sized. I also like a solid yoyo.
I’ve been looking at the glitter, yeah 3, mo-tivation (if I could find it), superstar, chik, second supernova, or something from the WERRD time series. Any other ideas,could also greatly help. Thanks!
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Yoyofactory H.O.T.

The Werrd Time series is really good, my my EightySix-400 is super sweet, and until it clanged across concrete (when I had s string break) it was all kinds of smooth, it has enough weight to feel quite powerful/ substantial, but not enough weight to cause fatigue.

Get whatever you want. Based on what you are looking at, anything will be fine.

I might also recommend the Shutter. I’d recommend the Electric Flash but it’s just over your budget. The Werrd Eighty-Six 400 feels a touch heavy, but man, smooth and stable and cheap(price only).

I think that I’ve narrowed it down to the eight six-400 and the chik!. Which is faster? And which can handle horizontal better? Which has better spin times?

I can’t compare the two as I’ve only owned the Chik. But when I owned it, it was my best horizontal yoyo. And spin times were pretty nutty.

That said, the eight-six 400 looks just as strong if not stronger on spins and has the right shape for horizontal.

I highly doubt you could go wrong with either. Pick the one with the looks and other features that you like better. (for example, 86400 will grind better; Chik has SE’s if that’s something that matters to you).