Help me decide.

One Drop Chik, or Werrd Hour?


any reason for these being your options, because the Werrd 86400 is a more normal sized yoyo, the Hour is actually quite big

With a set-up like that, flip a coin, buy the opposite.

Without knowing things like your existing preferences, what you’re looking for or other useful information about you and your playing style, goals and objectives, it doesn’t matter.

Alright then, I’m considering the werrd because of the price cut, and the onedrop because Ive been wanting a onedrop for a while now. I want the one that handles the most string.

Nothing really useful there.

Go Chik. I think the Hour is too big.

The Hour isn’t too big for complicated tech on a shortish string because it is narrow.

Duncan MayheM, it plays real good like.

The Chik ain’t small, either. I didn’t find the Hour sufficiently “bigger” that it would be an impairment vs. the Chik.

All in all, I think you could flip a coin as Studio42 said earlier and be happy with either. For my own money? Probably the Chik.

If we’re just talking price:

The Werrd Eighty-Six 400 would be the way to go. We’re talking a budget of “Chik”, so the Werrd Eighty-Six 400 is cheaper than the Chik, more than the Hour, and a fantastic performer.

Change your choices to Chik and the Eighty-Six 400.

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One Drop Chik is the way to go in my opinion :wink: