Yomega Starstruck?

Anyone thrown one of these?

While the black with silver splash looks very unexciting, I’m still digging the dimensions and weight.

I haven’t used one but thinking of picking one. I’m hoping for that powerful Werrd Hour feel from it. Thin, and tourquey.

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While it doesn’t have the same powerful feel as the Hour, it’s still a pretty decent yo-yo - Especially for the price. I would say it’s more fast and zippy feeling, not quite as powerful or heavy. Not that its lacking power really, just different than the Hour.

Honestly I didn’t have high hopes for it at first, but was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it! Worth a shot if you like the dimensions.

I did not care for this particular yo-yo. Even as a value throw I’d look elsewhere. I happen to have a Werrd Hour and it is vaguely in the ballpark for that (as an older throw), but… it’s no Werrd :wink: