Getting a Werrd

I am looking to get a werrd throw, I like my chief, glacier express, arctic circle. I like to play relatively fast to medium speed. I prefer full sized and suggestions?

I hear good things about the Irony meeting your needs for fast/medium. That angular throw likes to get up and move. I played one a while back, makes me want one more!

The Irony GBA is crazy fast and full sized. Most of their other throws are undersized.


Deffinately get a Werrd Sentinel,r:1,s:0,i:79

Hey like125cats, given your preferences I’d also suggest the Sentinel, since it seems you prefer more soft, ergonomic yoyos, however, I’ll give a little breakdown of our yoyos and the features that seem relevant to you:

Irony GBA:
would be considered slightly underweight by most people by reading specs alone but anyone who has thrown it wouldn’t guess it, it does however make a difference in how easy it is to move quickly on the string. It is definitely on the sharper side. slightly under 58 mm in diameter(currently in stock at yoyoexpert).

larger than the Irony by about 2 mm and having a very straightforward angular shape(but softer in the hand than the GBA), this yoyo also plays relatively quickly on the string but not as fast as the GBA. It is made of 7075 aluminum and will be available at a lower than average price for a yoyo of that size and material (expect them to be in stock soon at YoyoExpert!).

Getting close to undersized this yoyo is super fast because it only weighs 49 grams! This yoyo was designed to be ultralight but still play well, it was an engineering challenge. Classical rounded shape similar to yoyos like the FHZ, etc. A very fun, unique yoyo that is currently in stock at yoyoexpert.

Pretty large yoyo coming in at 63 mm in diameter, but plays on the string much quicker and ‘lighter’ than you’d expect due to the way we’ve distributed the weight(expect it very soon at yoyoexpert).

most traditionally sized and weighted yoyo on this list, angular, around 56 mm and 66 grams. Just a real solid player, no frills all business. You might have to wait a little longer for this one to show up here.

Those are the yoyos I’d recommend out of your description of what you like, with the Pacquiao kind of being an ‘underdog’ suggestion since it’s a very unique yoyo in its weight.

i would wait for the bad decision its soo good

QFT its been in my main carry bag since i grabbed one at tripple crown