Looking for a Lightweight and full to oversized yoyo

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im looking for something that is

55-60 dia

the weight to be 63-66

and i DONT want a Capless(have it)
and not a supernova(or lite, cuz i have them too)
or a Sleipnir(also have haha)

or a yoyo that plays very light and around the 55-60 dia

and has a closer to V shape.
other shapes are good but i prefer closer to a V.

also, i like Alot of rim or umm Phenom/supernova/Ti5-esque weight

like placed inbetween center to rim, or just out to the rim.



The RecRev Facade fits your description pretty well. I have one and really enjoy throwing it.

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If only there were in stock!


Irony GBA, Overdrive, Gelada, Drop Bear.


I havent played an overdrive but I can vouch for the others

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I have the overdrive too

Drop bear and Gelada
Which had a more powerful throw and spin to it?
Feel wise ofc

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Werrd Sentinel!

I think I might go at that!


The Sentinel is definitely oversized, but it also weighs close to 68 grams (62.5 mm). I wouldn’t call it a ‘heavy’ yoyo, though, for a yoyo that size it’s actually pretty light; it doesn’t play heavy at all. The Sentinel is my current favorite Werrd, just wanted to let you know it didn’t quite fit your original parameters.

The Hour is basically the yoyo you described in your first post, haha, 60 mm, 66 grams, V:


Albatross is 56 diam and 64 grams sounds like what you want. I have one and its great, I love the drop bear, but i have to say i dont think its what youre looking for, it plays much heavier than the other (not sure bout the overdrive an irony) the weight can be a bit misleading because its not a very wide throw

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Wow, that’s perfect!

And thanks for the lookout! Haha

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Ahh thanks!




the dna is big and light, but isnt v shaped.


This doesnt meet ALL your specifications but idk if any yoyos will meet them ALL haha. The usual thing with oversized throws are they are usually on the higher end of the weight spectrum, kinda like the smaller yoyos are usually on the lighter side.

The one yoyo that comes to my mind is the ILYY Josy-Ann, before you knock my idea I havent played with one yet but I hear its either a hit or miss, some people really really like them, some dont. Originally I think it was priced at around $140, which is why some people say negative things about it, they would rather get something else in that price range, but went on sale to around $70 to move them faster. So if you can find a used one, for the sale price range I would say its worth it! The only thing is this doesnt have alot of rim weight, but idk which specs were a MUST and which were a “would be nice but not a must”.

Diameter: 57.95mm
Width: 37.45mm
Weight: 64.00g
Response: Hot Red Silyycone
Bearing: ILYY KMK 6x13x5mm
Coating: ILYY CandyBlast (Orange/Gold)
Material: 6082 AlMgSi1 Aluminum
Limitation: ~120

Not sure how light it feels when playing but at almost 58mm and weighing only 64 grams I can guess it will play pretty fast.

I saw a really cheap one on BST and kinda regret not getting it, it as a long time ago. It wouldnt be my main throw but it seems like its a fun one!



how about the BreakBeatYo Lover?