heavy larger throws?


I’m just wondering who makes an affordable heavier oversized Yo-Yo?

i am not even sure where to begin looking, so far i’ve thrown a Rally and a majesty, and i like that the rally is larger then the majesty, but its lighter.

So I’m Looking to add more to my collection that so far looks like this Rally, Majesty, these next throws are on their way to me Chik (in dragon slayer), Gnarwhal so i’ve started to journey into slightly smaller throws but nothing in the oversized category that are heavier then the majesty.

Also how does weight distribution make play different? and what should i be looking for in a heavier oversized throws shape and material its made of?

thanks for any input and guidance.


What do you consider heavy?

The God Tricks Bounty Hunter and King Yo Star Bossman I think fit your description. Neither really feel heavy, and I don’t think either are over $50. Man, I like these a lot!

The Mutant DNA is like 74 grams, so it’s heavy, but it’s not over-sized.

The Chaser is like 73 grams and it’s heavy, but it plays fast and light and is not over-sized.

Isn’t the Surge like 70 grams?

I recently got an amazing deal on a YYR Dreadnought, the 68 grams version. Plays good, feels a bit too light though for it’s size.

The Cliff is definitely over-sized, but not affordable. Well if you have the money it is affordable.

I know I have other over-sized yoyos. They are great to have around. Many are great for competition and casual throw. They tend to be a bit weak with it comes to tight formation stuff just because of their size unless you got great big fingers.


I’d like something heavier then my majesty as its the heaviest throw i have right now. Honestly i am not sure how much the majesty weighs, but i will indeed check out some of those throws you mentioned.

thanks again for the suggestions.


YoYoRecreation Dreadnought is a great yoyo, you can’t go wrong with it.


Dreadnought G. Huge and heavy. You can get some good prices if you look around a bit, usually around $100,maybe even less.


This definitely comes to mind


H5xChief and the H5 are very oversized and they are heavy, but don’t feel it. You could find them rather cheap in the bst.

(DOGS) #8

The Recrev # (Sharp) was a fairly large diameter and 70+ grams. I think it sat at around $50 new. They have a stripping issue though since the axle is so short, so be advised.


can the axle be swapped out to a slightly longer one? or are there issues either with different thread pitch or length?

and thanks everyone for the suggestion i am going to get a few smaller throws before i pick up a larger throw but the larger throw is #2 on my list of things to buy.


There aren’t enough threads in the yo-yo halves to accommodate a longer axle.


makes sense. i will keep that in mind if i pick one of those up. thanks for the heads up.




You can never lose with a catalyst


The Catalyst isn’t that large, or that heavy…


The Surge and the Hour?

(DOGS) #16

Although, I’ve seen a few that had the tap extended through the yoyo, making it sort of like the YYF budget metals with exposed axles. Then again, I also saw one with a straight up bolt/nut holding it together…

If you’re really careful, you might be okay, but it’s a serious design flaw regardless.


Stacked Catalyst, That thing is heavy, but it isn’t big.



If you want a throw that is affordable, heavy, and large GET A SURGE. It is pretty much the epitome of what you are asking for. And VERY affordable to! I mean, $16.20! You can’t beat that!

(SlimJoe) #19

Werrd 86400

I haven’t tried it, but apparently it is “hour 2.0”. It clocks in at 68.6 grams and its diameter is 58.5. It’s only slightly smaller than the hour (which is at 60mm)

Eric Tranton tells me it is more solid and heavier. It’s only 70 bucks I think (although, its on another site.)

You can’t wait till after worlds! :smiley:


who makes the surge?

thanks for the input and for $16.20 that is a easy addition and if i don’t like it i’ve lost nothing!