Heavy yoyos

Hey I’m honestly just curious about what would be good heavier throws. I have a supernova which is 67.5 grams I believe and I don’t know why but it just feels really light :confused: in the future I want to try a heavier one. I know that people will say" just check the shop, but I have and there are a lot of freaking yoyos!!! Any good heavy yoyos I suppose?

I would look at either a YYF Genesis or YYF SuperG. Both have a very dense/heavy feel but still are capable of moving fast. Both are great and smooth and would be great choices if you want a heavier feeling throw that can still move pretty fast.

Dread G!!!

Then you’ll know everything about awesomeness of eavy throw ;D

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How heavy you want to get?

Chaser is 73.8 grams. Does not play heavy.

Mutant DNA is ln the 74 gram range. Let you know it’s there.

RecRev Sharp is 71 grams. Firmly announces its presence on the string.

Aoda Eternal star fully assembled is 80 grams. NOT recommended.

Even the Phenom is 70 grams. Plays like it weighs nothing!

Are you looking for heavy number weight or a yoyo that plays heavy?

Honestly I think it’s a size to weight ratio. Take my code 2, with it’s current setup it weighs in around 68g and my Dietz, which is smaller, weighs in at 64g. because of the wider aspect of the code 2, it disperses the weight and my code feels a little lighter then the Dietz in my hand. But the code feels heavier during a throw. To take it to extreme, bring in my yyf big deal at 46.2g. Holding this little tiny thing feels twice as heavy then any of my throws, holding or throwing. You can tell when that puppy hits the end of the string but swinging it in and out of a trapeze is when you feel how lite it is.

#1: My point here is you have to consider the shape as well as the weight if you are looking for a heavier throw. Because everones hand is different, means that not all yoyos are going to feel the same. your supernova may feel light to you but heavier then all get out on someone else. Maybe you should consider staying at that weight and getting a smaller sized yoyo.

#2: here is something a lot of people seem to forget. It’s good to have a wide range of throws. There is a good reason for this. If you throw a lot of the same yoyo around a while, you WILL get use to it. It will become lighter and your muscle memory in your arm will make it seem lite. Even if it isn’t. Try throwing a lesser weighted yoyo around a few days, then go back to your supernova. I’ll bet money it will feel like a rock. I went from my code 2 one day to my Dietz and it was like super duper light. Threw the Dietz a whole week and went back to my code 2 and it felt like I was trying to throw a boulder of a stone. My code 2 was so.freaking heavy it made my arm hurt after 30 min. Only after a day of throwing did my code 2 start to feel light again.

These are some things to consider. Happy throwin’

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Oh I know I still love my supernova :slight_smile: its just that when I got it from the bow it seemed light I’m just looking for the next one I wann get and figured I would like to try a heavier one, meaning that it is that heavy but plays fast just for a variety. I like around the size of the supernova, but I also enjoy small throws. I’m not a big yoyo kinda guy, unlike more technical tricks.


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I like more technical tricks*

Super G… Nuff said

The great thing about OD throws is how you can change the weight so easily. I have a few Code2’s - each set up with a different weight - the heaviest being with the discs coming in at 71g (74g if it’s my GZR C2).

I’m a disc golfer - discs are also weighed in grams, and it’s amazing how a gram or two makes all the difference - when your tuned into your throw. I have found the same to be true in the yoyo world. 1g can really make a difference.

Being able to fine tune a throw, especially if your looking to increase weight, is a good thing

Try Rev-1 Overhaul?