Heaviest modern based throws as of 2012?

This is something I have been currently wondering about for quite some time as of late.

A fellow yoyo friend of of mine has been complaining how he feels all the throws out there seem to feel way too lite for him and that has caused me to question…what are some of the heaviest based new throws out there as of 2012? He seems to prefer the high 60 grams to almost 70.

So if there is people out there that know weight of some of the newer based throws as of late, list em down here.

I myself prefer mid 60s, like the 65 gram range but that is just my personal tastes.

Weight in yoyos is so subjective cause you can have a yoyo play super floaty and yet supposedly weigh at like 69 grams so its kind of like a illusion.

Figured I’d ask.

macrocosm. nuff’ said.

mutant DNA

Chaser!! It weighs 73.8 grams but plays pretty fast.

LOL it’s connor isn’t it?

Yup, you got it right its Connor who constantly wants heavier based throws.

I did not know if he is able to post here or not so its kind of a favor.

I hope others will continue to list down throws for him so he can make up his mind.

Code 2, with brass domes in it. That put’s it at the lower 70s, but surprisingly it still plays fast. Even though i prefer aluminum ultralights in mine, i still throw the brass domes in there every once in a while just for kicks.
As for other yoyo, I’m a huge fan of the Sasquatch. Most people prefer the Avalance over it, but there is just something about it that i love.

The Diamont Noir Celestial is 72.6 grams.
He might also look at the Super G. It’s pretty heavy at 68.1, and it’s a good player.

He’s looking for something, 52mm, 40mm in width, and 70+grams lol.

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My boys. <3.

Anyway, the only stuff I’ve found in the past to be right around what the topic is about, is a Wooly Markmont. It may only be, what, 67g’s? But it plays much heavier. Anyone else know of any throws that aren’t necessarily heavy but just play like a brick? Now I’m not talking sluggish, I’m talking just plain heavy. Like your finger wants to snap off when the yoyo reaches the end of the string after a throw.

Well I know a guy who threw brass Code1s on a Code1. It was red so I called it the Brick. It lived up to its name I think.

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Mighty Flea seems like a good choice.


But dang, 70 grams? Holy yoyos batman

Haha, I believe I have one of those laying around here somewhere! :wink:

You serouisly need to look into a B.O.A.R piglet. Exactly what your looking for. HSYY has a review of it if you want to read it

^ good luck finding that haha

Code2 GZR with disc side effects

Rebel Yoyo’s Macrocosm and the Madhouse Compulsion are both pretty heavy feeling players. The Foxland Foxtail is as well although its specs are not what most want in today’s market.


The Chaser is like 73.8 grams. The Mutant DNA is 74.6 grams. The Sharp is 71.3 grams. My Code 2 with Disc side effects weighs out at 71.15 grams and I like this configuration better than my Code2 I keep stock. This one quickly became a favorite. I do really find myself drawn to the Mutant DNA a lot lately as well.

I hear the Aoda Eternal Star is 80 grams fully assembled for yoyo play. However, I’m not sure how modern we want to call this one. However, I am far too lazy to change it’s configuration, so if I ever get around to getting one, once it goes “yoyo”, it ain’t going back! But it’s not one I am really interested in getting at the moment.

KingYoStar Scorpion King.

The YoYoSkeel Solid comes in at 77.9 grams, while the STYY Bandit is said to play like a rock.