Fans of heavy yoyos speak up!

So who here loves heavy yoyos? I mean, really digs them.

This is the heaviest yoyo I own:

And in all honesty, it is ~10g too heavy for my tastes.


Hello there

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You know those Brass MarkMont Side Effects weight 6.1 grams?.


Yes. My goal was to assemble the heaviest yoyo I could from the parts I had on hand.



I’m testing my hypothesis that virtually nobody actually likes yoyos that heavy.

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I like a good thud personally

I’d play that all day! Well not all day…


Hey would you like to trade your hypnithesis

Trade? Sure! What do you have in mind?

With ultra lights the Downbeat doesn’t feel ‘heavy’ to me, it feels ‘right’. I REALLY enjoy the Downbeat! Even prefer the og to the 2020.

I like having a variety of weights to choose from, including ‘heavy.’


I have rev 1 from one drop in beautiful color

also I can add wedge , or you can check my last post , I can trade any of them but not edge

I like my throw to have presence

Yoyos are plenty round, no need to be heavy too. There I said it.

What color is your ND Ultra?

Heavy no but a bit chubby yeah lol at least organic throws I like small and round

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Does anyone have recommendations for good heavy Yoyos? I haven’t found any new stuff I like that’s over 65 grams. The only heavy Yoyos I currently have are a sumo and a bvm. I feel like the more modern heavy Yoyos aren’t balanced enough for me.

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I train my speed combos with a Sengoku Bakemono (85 grams). I’ll throw that for around a week.

Then when I switch to the very light Kenshin Kiwami, and I feel like Iori Yamaki.


I really like heavy yoyos. Most favourites seem 67g-68g. That used to be the norm.

I remember in around 2013 that only boutique or super expensive brands seemed to have 65g yoyos in their lineup.


dave mcevoy apathy v2 proto was a monster 70g. bimetal with brass rings… you’d never know it was 70… smooth player too