Really Heavy Yos

I like really heavy yoyos for some reason… dark magic is 69 grams i believe and thats on the heavy scale to most yoyoers I added stuff to it to make it heavier. my guess is that it is about 74 or more now. Are there any throws that are even close to this weight? does anybody else enjoy really heavy throws?

Dreadnaught G is stupidly heavy. And i think recrev makes one at 70 grams for 60$. Also the north star is 69.5.

YoYoSkeel makes the Solid, which is wide, mini, and ridiculous heavy, weighing in at almost 78 grams.

I generally like heavier yoyos until they start feeling too slow, though lately I’ve been rediscovering how well-weighted, light-weight yoyos can be fun too – e.g. I like the weight and feel of my 63 gram Dingo over my 66 gram Popstar.

the le tap from potential yoyo co. is 76 grams or somthing


I got a B.O.A.R. Piglet which is about 71g for 50mm diameter
I also got a couple of YYJ Ais that are also around 70g with the caps on, for 52mm
and finally a YYF DV888 with PGM hubstacks that I use for 5A, around 70/71g for 50mm

The Buzzon C-note is 100 grams. (I really want one ;D)

I was thinking about that but couldn’t remember the name.

Some heavier yoyos that I enjoy or own:

Hspin Pyro
C3 H5
Dreadnought G
SPYY Ronin

I’m really into heavier yoyos since they go well with my slow and deliberate style of play.

I like my XL (73.3 Grams.).

MUTANT DNA 74.6 grams (i have one and have 1 word for it AWESOME!!!)

132 grams…,17542.0.html&docid=ut8hOtilE6tR6M&imgurl=

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More mutant dna coming too :slight_smile:

I would suggest mods.

potential yoyo companie’s le tap.
I think it clocks in at around 79g?
about the same weight as a dreadnought G.

I have a duncan FHZ Pulse that I think is 70grams and I believe the Dietz with brass spikes puts it close to 70 and I’m sure if I put those brass spikes on the 54 it would be mid 70’s. The Dietz with the brass spikes did seem too heavy though for that throw.

that potential yoyo looks amazing, i really want it! its relatively cheap too… (to the 100+ ones at lease) and the design is pretty nice.

If you like size to weight ratio the popstar is pretty heavy for its size

ILYY Falcon @69 grams, RecRev sharp 70