Heaviest YoYo/Heaviest "Feeling"

Hi. The first YoMega I bought weighed in at 70 grams. I haven’t seen anything weigh that much. Close, but not 70. Is there anything 70 gr. or heavier that anyone can recall.

Also, whats a good one or two yo-yos that “feel” heavy? I can tell right off that I want a yoyo that feels like a freight train.

Thanks, Anthony

As an example, my first bearing’s are a YYF Horizon and a Mighty FLEA. I think the horizon is too light and a little too wide, but Im also getting accustomed to this new style of yoyo, so that may change with time. The flea is awesome!

Those are good throws.
Most yoyos are under 70g because people want to be able to whip them around and do fancy tricks.
Also, there is just not much reason to have more mass than that.
The Horizon gets some pretty wicked spin times as it is --I’m told, I don’t own one–so there is no need for more mass.

But, if you really want something heavy, there is always this:

Not sure when YYE will get a restock on them though.
And watch out, the shipping is crazy.


Ew heavy yoyos are seriously the worst and I’m quite certain your desire for a heavy yoyo will diminish with experience, but oh well. Some options: yoyorecreation DreadnoughtG (79.5g), One Drop Downbeat with Brass Code 1 SEs (~75g), C3 H5 (74.7g). Also the yoyorecreation Laser isn’t particularly heavy, but for sure has one of the more solid feels to a yoyo I’ve ever experienced. Probably others that people can chime in with.


I have a couple of Magic Yoyos, the N12 Shark and the Silencer. The N12 feels a lot like a Shutter or TOO HOT but the Silencer is certainly a heavy feeling yoyo. For me, that heaviness was a negative. But for you it may be a great positive trait. The Silencer looks great. Both of mine are black with a copper inlayed ring. It’s very stable and is overall an excellent yoyo, it just doesn’t speak to me.

But for you, that heavy feel may be just what you’re looking for.

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Get an earlier model yyr, really solid and smooth, like an escalade on the string haha. Some guy is selling a difeyo tank on the forums that would also be a good choice.

Some heavy yoyos can play really well, a lot of them actually, the ones I know about happen to be a bit older.

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These fit what you’re looking for I think:


These are more on the lower side, but still the weight you’re looking for:

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i have a prototype from tim simco and even though all the sides are smooth it plays so heavy that it only takes two hours to eat through a string…

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For me, the Mighty Flea feels very heavy, as does the PopStar. I felt the Downbeat was slow and relaxed, but not heavy.

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Can’t remember his name but there’s a guy who I think was sponsored by Duncan that preferred yoyos that were around 100 g’s and stuff haha.

DIMI! He had a modified Duncan Freehand that has weight rings installed, the yoyo weighted at the 100 gram mark, haha! :slight_smile:

I made a couple resin No Jive’s just for fun, they came in at 73g, played really smooth.

The C3yoyodesign bth weighs 220.2grams

YYE had a few Surges left in stock last I checked. They’re less wide than a Horizon and weigh over 70 grams. It’s a plastic that plays well you might want to take a look at.

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I believe the Dif-e-yo Rev 1 Overhaul is the heaviest throw I own. I think it’s 73g with maximum weight added. It’s out of production, but I’m sure you can still find a few around.

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String theory Bandit. And YYE has a couple in stock.

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YoyoStudioLlama Mjollnir

That thing is 104g and the response system had to be design to prevent most unwanted binds. I had one not so long ago, it’s very playable, more than you could think at first, but playing too long with it makes your middle finger sore.

That I have thrown: My 7075 Phoenix Swirl Ano. It weighs in at over 72g and is so heavy!

That I have seen: C3Yoyodesign BTH: http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/805/C3-BTH at 220g and sleeps for up to 30 minutes.

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This is awesome!

I have only thrown the Dreadnought G and the Celestial, even the Celestial make my finger hurt.
I can understand why some people love them though, those spin time with little effort.