Werrd Two Fat Ladies Review

Well, I waited 3 months for this, and dang. It was worth it!

By born2curl at 2010-09-16

Well, the best thing about this yoyo is the looks… wait, the play is good too… scratch that.
Ok, when I got this yoyo it was… dented up a little bit (poorly packaged) but it played with no vibe. Well onto the actual construction now.

So the coolest thing IMO when you see this yoyo are the menacing spikes. They work great, not too pointy, not to flat. They are great. Then the anno. It is an awesome brightish blue color. This has some pretty tough, great grinding anno. Nowhere close to hard coat dif stuff, but its still pretty tough. And then the grooves. They look great, and help on grinding
Less Friction = Longer grinds
So now onto the IRG. It looks pretty good from what I see. Then when you use it, its AWESOME. You don’t have to throw on a tilt or anything, just jam your thumb into it and it will work.

By born2curl at 2010-09-16

The two fat ladies is well equipped with awesome GHOST pads, and beefcake. Werrd bearings are good, but are a bit loud. They spin very long though. The pads are also great, and provide tight, sold binds without snagging one bit. They do require some break in time though.
For silicone lovers, this can be siliconed, and is great when you do it.

By born2curl at 2010-09-16


This yoyo feels quite heavy in the hand. Then when you breakaway into a trapeze it gently hits the string, and barely looks as it is spinning. So Its lighter than you think it is on the string, but somehow it still manages to play quite solid. I like this weight, it gives a solid but also floatish playing experience for the thrower.


1 word. actually, many words. it plays excellent, but it likes to go slow. It can take fast things, but it likes to go slow. If you give it a bad throw it will laugh at you, and not correct itself. because its not the most forgiving yoyo on planet earth. If you give it a good throw, it will reward you with an AWESOME playing experience. This thing is great. It grinds excellent, no vibe, and has a great IRG. It floats gently across the string on every combo and smoothly returns to the hand. Only thing this yoyo can’t handle is sideways play. it can, but it is very hard to accomplish.

This yoyo is wide, and very easy to hit tricks on it. It handles hops and slacks like a pro. It doesn’t hesitate to respond. It is no where near sluggish, just a bit slow.

By born2curl at 2010-09-16


Fun, great looking, great playing, and never lets you down. This yoyo ahs almost everything you’d want in a yoyo… in my opinion.



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your just pumping out the Werrd reviews!! love it, TFL’s are now discontinued and you got a real pretty one.

When i get a new 4XL I’ll review that too :slight_smile: But next will be the juggernaut…

wahahahahaha i will beat you to the 4xl review, dun dun dun…