WERRD Two Fat Ladies review

Ok so the other day I received my WERRD Two Fat Ladies and have been loving it, then I thought that mabey there is a review on here and I can compare what they said to how I feel about it, but alas there was no review so I have decided to have a go and write my own. So here it is my first ever yoyo review.
I figured I should tell you this before you read the actual review.

So about this yoyo, easiest way to put it is to show you guys and gals the specs so here they are:

•WIDTH: 40mm (1.62")
•DIAMETER: 52.5mm (2.06")
•GAP: 4.4mm (0.173")
•WEIGHT: 66gms
•RESPONSE: Recessed Ghost Pads
•BEARING: 2 x Stainless Bearing (BEEFCAKE…!)
Large 1/4id, 1/2"od, 3/16"width (.250" x .500" x .187")

So as you can see straight away there is something special about this yoyo, it uses not one but two bearings making this yoyo very unique.


Now, how does it play you ask, well put shortly it is very good inded. The use of two bearings acts to center the strings similar to a Kon Kave or center track bearing but as well as keeping your string centered it doesn’t allow the strings to layer ontop of another it allows the strings to align next to the last string thus avoiding unexpected binding.

The Two Fat Ladies (TFL) weighing in at an impresive 66 grams is definatly on the heavy end of the spectrum but this does not take away from much the TFL floats around the strings with ease you can play nice slow and smooth or spice it up a notch and play fast.
On to grinds, short and sweet they are average. the TFL has IRG’s for thumb grinds and a smooth polished surface for arm grinds and such.

The response system.

The response system that the TFL uses is recessed ghost pads.
So far im not a huge fan of them but this might be due to the fact that I got the TFL second hand and they might need replacement which I have ordered and will review this post when I replace them.
The ghost pads are very grippy and they seem to leave a sticky residue as they wear down.

Well a picture paints a thousand words so here you go a couple of pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Sleep times

This baby can sleep for ages, I haven’t timed it yet, but at a guess its good for at least two minutes on a good throw.

So my opinion on the TFL. This yoyo is a great player for those people who like a yoyo that is heavy and play tecnically, but the TFL can be very unforgiving if you make a mistake so its best suited to players who have their game on.

So happy throwing all and catch you all next time. Hope you enjoyed my review and hit me back with some critiques. Im going to need all the help I can get.

All specs curtesy or WERRD.com

Really nice review man, keep it up!

That was the first time I saw a yoyo with two bearings. :o

Nice informative review…I was wondering how these played.

It plays like bomb. Yeah. And it has two bearings so it’s like a Konkave bearing.

But better ;D


most definatly

I always wanted someone to post a good review on the TFL. Good Work, Great review ;D


Thanks for all the support guys and gal, im going to try do some more reviews as I get more yoyo’s from now on, so keep a look out for them and please post if you think they need improvment.

i saw this yoyo has a lot of versions which do you have

Probably the one he took the photos of… Which would be the raw/naked TFL88


I have this yoyo also and everything in the review sounds just as i would say. I just love the crisp sound it has dont you it just seems like its spinning so long. Love the pics also nice review keep it up

I keep my ladies nice and quite, the stealth yoer

moving on up