Werrd Minute Review!

Well, at the New Hampshire yoyo meetup, I got to pick up a Werrd minute. I traded my near mint TFL for it. The TFL was a great yoyo but alas, I have 3… haha. So I decided to let my least favorite one go. (the other two are nickel and 88 mph edition by the way) What my freind gave me was a small, uncomfortable looking shaped yoyo. Boy, was I wrong about that.

By born2curl at 2010-09-14

* Shape: Concave
* Material: Metal
* Diameter: 49mm
* Thickness: 34mm
* Weight: 61 grams
* Bearing type: Bearing A

The first thing you will notice about the minute is that shape. Very angular, sharp looking. For some reason I find this shape pleasing. Tt fits gently in my hand, and doesn’t hurt at all when you bind. I though it would come up and mow down my hand when I did a bind, but the first throw was what hooked me. It came back into your hand like a smooth butterfly shaped yoyo. Didn’t Hurt!
Next thing you will notice is the stunning blue color. it is a kind of almost sparkly, shiny anno that grinds beautifully. Kinda reflects light ever so slightly in the sun.
The next thing is the matador spikes. They work, OK. they seemed to not be as sharp as the spike tips on the 4Xl, and nowhere close to the TFL’s spikes in sharpness. They still work, and seem to be much more pleasing then hubstacks when you pull start.
The IRG is Pretty nice. It looks too small to work with, but it works quite well actually! not as well as a genesis, or a juggernaut, but it still works. Those with big meaty fingers won’t like this yoyo for thumb grinds, haha.

By born2curl at 2010-09-14

Light, light, and LIGHT. Very nice and floaty on the string. It weighs in at 61 grams, but don’t worry. Its not paqauio light :slight_smile: It’s awesome play will still please you guys who like heavy hitters. It responds to whatever you want it to, when you want it to because of its light weight.

By born2curl at 2010-09-14


A bearing… When I looked into the gap on the first throw I was like… @#$%. I just have never been a big fan of A bearings. They have somehow always been snaggy, because I like string tricks with lots and lots of layers. This wasn’t as bad as I thought. It slowed down ALMOST NOT AT ALL on 3 string layers… pretty dang good for an A bearing. Then 4 slowed it down a bit more, but not a lot still. Wow! I was impressed that this could take a lot of string layers.
Ok, now to the Response. This looked like white silicone or pads. Not sure what it is, but it provides amazing tight binds, without snagging. It keeps its cool on GT’s, and always gives you a tight, satisfying bind. No complaints on this response. it was FREAKING amazing. best thing since sliced bread!


From the second I threw this slab of metal attached to a string down, it was pure bliss. This yoyo was extremely smooth. I loved it. It was amazingly stable, and spun forever. Like really. I was into slack that day (lol) so I did yuuki slack 5 times in a row. That takes some time. (for me at least) Then I lightly binded expecting a slow return to my hand. That caught me off guard. It snapped back to my hand, and it gives you that feeling like, “is that all you got?”. I threw down some of my best combos down and it handled them with plenty of spin time left. Then I let my freind gizzyo try it :slight_smile: He did sideways play on it, and it handled it like a champ. it kept going the whole time, and didn’t want to tip over. Stability wasn’t a factor here too. It kept in its place on all of my combos. never tilted. When I want to learn a trick, i pick this yoyo up. Why?
-it can take litterally anything
-a bucketload of spin time, so when I’m waiting for directions, this can be wating for me on the string.
-and its just… teh best yoyo EVAR

And about grinds. this yoyo had a small vibe on grinds. The reason i say “had” is because I tuned it out. (this vibe is 100% tuneable. don’t let a small vibe shy you away from this good of a yoyo.) I personally wanted to leave it there. A small amount of vibe helps you when you are throwing with low spin time. You can see the vibe at low speeds, which tells you to bring it up back to your hand.

No matter what I throw at it, this can take it. I love this yoyo, and it is my new favorite. The anno is though and beautiful, and it is the best undersized yoyo I have used in my LIFE.
hands down my favorite MINI yoyo of all time. i don’t think i will be trading this anytime soon.

By born2curl at 2010-09-14
Left to right: YYF Genesis, Dif-e-yo Juggernaut, One Drop P2, Werrd Minute

By born2curl at 2010-09-14
Back to front: Dif-e-yo Juggernaut, One Drop P2, Werrd Minute.

I hope you like my review. Please tell me what I do wrong/right.
Constructive criticism appreciated :slight_smile:

Sorry about the pics there for a minute… they were really small haha :slight_smile:

great review! it really makes me want to buy one ;D

that’s hot. yep.
I saw another review. I really want a good undersized yoyo so… I’m stuck in a rock and a hard place right now.

Love the review!

It IS a great little yoyo, I can play mine for hours ;D

you consider me a friend :’( (tears of joy) lol just kidding!

Lol, thanks for trading this to me bro :slight_smile:

I tried it at the NH meet aswell. Normally I despise any light, undersized yoyo (I want my yoyos to play like a tank) but this was one legit little throw. also, <3 A bearings for ever and ever , I can’t imagine this yoyo with a C or even a D :stuck_out_tongue:

what is up with that response groove? Its SO wide :o

is it slimline?

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It’s a pad recess, Mista. Sorry to shock you out of YYF heaven, but pads get that big.

rather rude…yyf heaven? Out of the throws I own, 1 is from yyf…

She tends to be rather condescending somethimes, and she needs something to stab at you. In M888’s defense, not all pads are THAT wide. Plus the small ID compared to the OD just makes it look fat.

On YYE website it says that it uses a C size bearing. Is this a typo or did they change the bearing?

The Minute being reviewed here and the Minute that just came out are 2 different yoyos. Plus, this thread is 3 years old.

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This review is for the original Werrd minute!!! (what ^ said :))

The one that was JUST RELEASED is the new 2k13 Minute. C sized bearing, plus a whole bunch of improvements.

Check out the Minute Minute episodes on Yoyonews.com to see them in action!!

Necro thread! ;D The OG Minute was an aggressively shaped pocket throw with an A size bearing and a custom silicon pad. The new MINUTE is a large bearing throw. Shape is different etc. Everything different except the name. Hope this helps.