Tough buying decisions: Round 1 Hitman X OR Werrd Minute

Hello everyone! I’m soon to order some yoyogear, since it’s an international order i’m making it worthwhile (for shipping rate sake). So for my first round of decision making i’ve got two very different yoyos’.

Behind curtain No1: The Hitman X! When this baby hit the virtual shelves I got pretty excited, i’ve been trying to get every one of yoyojam’s signature yoyos from JD. Being a big fan of the Hitman legacy this is something i’m looking forward to cop. Especially since they bumped up the weight (I’ve always thought the original was a bit too light). Anyway, picking up this throw will get me one step closer to getting each one of JD’s yoyos (This borders on a completionist compulsion). Please, please pleeease, if you have any experience with the Hitman X let me know :slight_smile:

Curtain No2: The Werrd Minute, I became fond of this throw from the moment I looked at it’s undersized dimensions and it’s amazing price tag! Right now, I don’t want to throw anything that isn’t undersized or close, atop of that, i’ve only got one other metal throw, the yyj Eneme. Couple the price and the dimensions with the attraction of spiked matador play that i’ve never been able to experience and we have a close race.

So to sum it up, i’ve got a yoyo that I have a compulsion to acquire, and a yoyo that will be a perfect compliment for my growing collection, with a price tag that makes me scream like a little girl. Any opinions and experiences with either of these throws, are very welcome!

Hahahah, unfortunately money is an obstacle :smiley:

Given my own biases, and the fact you are collecting JD’s signature yoyos, I’d go for the HM x.

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Werrd for sure.

Would definitely get a Minute over the hitman X. I prefer undersized throws myself along with stuff in the mid range of weight. Threw one at nats and enjoyed it greatly but I also really enjoyed the eighty six 400 even though it’s so big. I would also consider the Benchmark series from one drop along with the rally, YoyoOfficer’s line of throws and the shutter.


Dude or dudette, I would go with the Hitman X. That is an awesome yoyo. Probably best looking and fun

Werrd minute is WAY better


If you are collecting JD yoyos, Hitman X

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I got a Hitman X Proto as a gift from JD. I loved that thing to death, but sadly I had to trade it off an I regret ever letting it leave my side. That yoyo’s amazing, I can assure you as a YoYoJam Collector myself, you need this in your collection.

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Well since I personally don’t enjoy YYJ throw’s, Werrd all the way.

Not a vote for it (I can’t really vote, never having played the Hitman X), but the Minute will not disappoint. One of my favourites of all time, and it took me by surprise that way! After initially trying it and liking it, I kind of shelved it for a while. Put some flowable silicone in the response area (I didn’t have the patience to break in the Blueprint pads) and from that day forward it became a daily player.

The grinding surface (at least on the gold; I assume they’re all the same, though) is remarkable. Better than anything else I own. The spikes are sharp but you get used to them and they work great for matador play. EVERY kind of grind works very well with the Minute. It’s light enough to be comfortable for long sessions yet manages to spin fairly well. It’s not a spin-time champion, but it’ll get you through any non-record-setting combos. Comfortable on the catch. The ano seems a bit structurally weak (maybe it relates to how good the grinds are?) but it’ll still take some hits.

Great yoyo. I should get another one. :smiley:

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Trading a gift from JD! Quite frankly, I find that sacrilegious.
I’d sell my first born before I did something like that.

Get the Werrd Minute. It will Amaze you. And if you might like something a little bigger, get a Werrd 86-400. It will astound you. And if you find a bag of money, get an Werrd Irony JP 2013 model. It will melt your brain.

When I really like a Yoyo I get another one, soon after. When I got the Minute, I ordered another one, the next day.


I pretty much mostly second that. The Eighty-Six 400 really impressed me and I couldn’t wait to get one. I’m not sure if I will get another, but I might. The Irony JP 2013 is on my list for sure. I’m personally not interested in the Minute, but if I run into someone who has one, I wouldn’t mind spending some time with one to see if I do like it or not.

I do agree with what you say about getting another one if I get one I really like. Of course, if I did that all the time, I’d really break the bank. I’m finding some brands I can do that with. I’m finding buying ONE of certain RecRev models a big mistake, when I should get 2. My problem with the sine//saw and Silly Goose is I have models that are just too darn pretty to play, so I gotta get different ones for throwing! Silly Goose in Nickel and in the paisley… oh man, just bought them for the looks!

There’s some other amazing choices in the same ballpark as the Hitman X and Minute these days. They are just so different though. It’s not a good A/A comparison.

So many replies! I didn’t expect this :open_mouth: I agree Studio42, they are very different yoyos :smiley: I think for sure now that I will be pleased with the Minute’s performance and whatnot, and i’m starting to think it’s that I should get. But who knows, maybe i’ll get some money from relatives for christmas and get both! Mwhaha! Build my JD collection AND satisfy my performance desires!
And GregP, you SHOULD get another one! because if I don’t get it you can buy it for me in spirit!

Haha, yupyup!

Being the OP is a fellow Australian, maybe he should buy local; My vote is for the Australian brand :stuck_out_tongue: (Werrd)

Valid point. At the same time, with Werrd’s latest offerings, they are up there with the best. Older stuff like the TFL-series is a bit “dated” with their more classic/retro shapes.

Build the JD collection or get a metal… tough decision.