What yoyo should I get?!?!

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Hey guys I am looking to buy a new throw, I have only bought 3 throws in my life and branched them out into my now 13 throw collection, but it seems like there are soooo many yoyos to choose from now so I was looking for some help…

yoyos I like:
CLYW Cheif, I normally dont like bigger yoyos but I dunno this one is different :P, CLYW Wooly Marmot, I liked its shape and size but it was a bit light, E=mc2, ALL TIME FAVORITE THROW I loved everything about it, I like the cascade too but it doesnt have that solid feel in the hand, and the puffin 2, like the shape

Things I like in a throw:
Wide gap, undersized, smooth, nice finish, and that feels good in the hand

Things I dont like:
I HATE VIBE :stuck_out_tongue: , small gaps, ultra light, gritty finish, super big diameter, did I mention vibe, and plastic

Price range:
0 - 150

if you have any yoyos in mind that fit the descriptions please say so :stuck_out_tongue: thanks!


Alright; a great one that would fit your preferences is a Werrd Minute. Undersized, smooth as glass, stable and only around 55 bucks. Don’t let the price deceive you - it’s a killer throw. It feels very comfortable in the hand and has a good smooth finish for grinds. It is only available in solid colours, but they really stand out. I have one, and I love it!


I would deffinatly recommend the yoyofficer musket. Its a great organic shape with an awesome weight distribution. It has literally NO vibe whatsoever and for its price it preforms amazingly. Its very smooth and stable and i find myself with it the most.

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Zeekio Continuum


If you can get your hands on them, Spyy Supra or Pro?


sOMEThING Angle sounds perfect for you if you like solid undersized throws

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I think im going to go with the WM2 but keep giving suggustions so I can look out for certain yoyos on the forums