What's a yoyo that doesn't fit your preferences that you really like?


I don’t like most organic throws but I really love the cascade

(Erik Kerber ) #2

I’m not to into small throws. But I really like the Wooly Marmot 2. Its not that small but its not full sized either.


The Duncan Strix, I hate the way it throws down and the “H-shape” feel. But it just looks so beast


Yeti & Berserker, both on the heavy side, but still feel light and agile


Messiah and Blink, even if I can barely enjoy playing anything smaller than 56mm


The Dietz and Wooly Marmot are the only undersized throws I have come to like.


TP Maxbet

(Nova) #8

CLYW Cliff. I’m more of a Wooly Marmot/888/Spyder/Hatrick sort of guy. Those are my bros. But my Cliff has become sort of my son. I love it to death, even with all of it’s weird quirks.


I always end up liking most of the yoyo’s I have thrown.
Shapes seen in the Rally or Summit are not very appealing to me, but I enjoy throwing both.

Out of the 30-40 return tops I have experimented with, I have really only been disappointing with the yoyofactory dv888, and the yoyofficer Crayon.

And just for some perspective,
Some of the more popular of my favorite throws are the Canvas, Silly Goose and original Puffin.


I was pretty sure I would hate the Cascade but ended up loving it.


Too H.O.T.

O…M…G…Too H.O.T.
Smooooooooothest throw eveeeeeeeeer and now I am FRANTICALLY looking for a H.O.T. because of it and I can’t find anyone with a mint one for a reasonable price and it…is…TORTURE.

…anyone here got a mint H.O.T. for a really good price? Lol


Marmot 2


Marmot 2, Puffin

I like my diameter around 55-57mm, but those yoyos play great! Can’t wait to get a puffin 2 though.


Y factor. The gap is huge but it’s an easy fix with super fat string and it plays really well for an outdated design


I never thought of which one isn’t my preference. I happen to like the feel of em all :slight_smile:
Heavier throws seem more floaty too me like my T1, Cliff, Co Lab, And lighter undersized feel awsome and just perfect like woolys, puffins, gnars and my canvas ;D oh and my Aa7 and skywalker
they tend to zip and zing thru the air when I play


Format :c I’m not big into the whole V shape but the this throw is exceptional


CLYW original BvM. Small, thin and all curves. I still love that yoyo.


I didnt think Id jive with the Werrd Iorny JP 2K13

Im happy to say I was proven wrong! :smiley:


NSCo’s Helix and CLYW’s Puffin 2. I usually like my yoyos on the bigger side but both of these are fast and super fun.


A while back, I had the opportunity to play with a YYR DreadnoughtG.

It did most things extremely well.

But I just feel more comfortable throwing something a little smaller and lighter than that yoyo. In time, I suspect I could get used to the size and weight of the DreadnoughtG, but I wonder if that wouldn’t leave me feeling somewhat dissatisfied with my other yoyos, in that all of them might strike me as being a little too small and light.

So, a truly excellent yoyo, which performed really well, but which just isn’t the right throw for me.