Almost time for a new throw, suggestions please.

So, I’ve started my new job and I’m gonna be looking to pick up a new throw in the next couple weeks. I will include some likes and dislikes to aid you in suggesting. In my time back in yoyoing, I have thrown low end duncan (metal drifter), low end Yomega (Maverick, Raider, etc.), CafeRacer by OneDrop, and several YYF (Shutter, Horizon, Cypher, G5) and the YYJ DMII.

I happen to love all the shapes I’ve tried this far (organic, V and H). It’s kinda hard to choose a favorite at this point because I’ve thrown just a small number of yoyos.

I like the size of the Cypher/Shutter. They seem pretty similar to me.

as far as weight, I like to feel like I’ve got something in my hand, but I don’t want it to be too awfully heavy because I want to start playing a bit faster. So let’s say probably mid range on weight.

I like grinding quite a bit, so a good grinding finish is a necessity.

I’d like to steer away from YYF for the time being because I still have my Cypher and Horizon (and I’ll be replacing the Shutters I sold of, but not right at this moment, so don’t suggest that). And I’m wanting to try out more than that brand (I know I’ve tried a few others, I just feel like I’m going to be YYF heavy in my collection in the near future anyway).

Budget…around 50-ish.

I’m very open to getting it through the BST, but I steer towards “like new” or Mint yoyos, so feel free to suggest stuff in that value/quality range for the used market.

Pretty open to brands. I prefer metal throws, though a plastic/metal mix or even straight plastic could suffice as long as it fits the criteria. If you want to offer one of your yoyos to me for sale, I would prefer those to come in PM’s instead of posted here, so this thread doesn’t have to be unnecessarily bumped (and remember it’ll be a week or so before I’m ready to buy, so be prepared to hold the throw for me in the meantime if you want to sell to me).

Thanks in advance guys and gals!

And, as always, Happy Throwing!

These are what I’d consider:

My personal pick would be the torque but you can’t go wrong with any of them