Werrd Minute

Werrd dropped the new MINUTE at Worlds. I thought you guys might like to see the specs and some pics.

Diameter: 52.5mm
Width: 42.7mm
Weight: 66.5g
Gap: 4.6mm
Bearing: Center Trac
Pads: Blueprint pads (or K pads)
Finish: Soda Blast finish - smooth as butter

Also, the BOUNTY applies to the MINUTE as well. For more information on the Werrd Bounty see here:

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I’m liking the specs on the minute, something different than all the superwide gigantic throws coming out lately. When will the minute be in stores?

It’s SO good! I’m kicking myself for forgetting to buy one. I sent like a half-dozen people over and told them to buy one, forgot to grab one for myself. Ha.


These things are quite awesome, easily my favorite thing werrd had this year.


These were awesome!

Grrr…you guys are just making me want a minute even worse. The specs make it look look like an awesome throw for tech style tricks. Small enough to be maneuverable for intricate moves, but just wide enough and large enough to not sacrifice playability. I wants one now!

I thought you weren’t allowed to post links form other websites selling yoyos; has that rule changed? (Not been here for a while)

There were no such links, it’s just a link to the manufacturer website

The new Werrd MINUTE will drop here on YYE on September 6. I can’t wait!!!

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When I went over to Logan’s house a few days ago to practice for Nationals, I tried out all the new Werrds. I gotta say, they were GREAT yoyos! The minute was awesome! My favorite was the 86.

Yeah, the Eighty-Six400 is an awesome yo-yo. It’s more along the lines of the HOUR - a one-throw freestyle-y beast - but slightly more refined than the HOUR. I’ll dig up some pics to post.

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I’m hoping retail markup isn’t too bad from the worlds price! It would be nice to grab one of these since my girlfriend stole my OG minute.

Werrd doesn’t have any control over retail pricing beyond setting the wholesale price to stores and making recommendations on what we’d like to see the retail price be (MSRP), but the aim with the new MINUTE was for it to be a throw that would hit the stores at around the $50 price point. In case this slips by anyone - this is pretty much unheard of for a Yo-Yo of this calibre (this is not a “cheap” throw, this is the real deal).

We’ve been making great yo-yos for a long time now and sometimes as a brand it can be tough to get traction with players and collectors. But with the way we’re pricing the MINUTE there’s just no excuse for anyone not to have at least one in their case. Hopefully this will convince some people to give our yo-yos a try.

Here’s some pics of the Eighty-six400 as promised:



Well you’ve convinced me! Never tried a Werrd before, but for $50 you can’t really go wrong. =D

yeh I got to play one pre-worlds, and it’s soooooo damn good, and it’s at a nice price point too. But the Fruiture was even better… too bad that’s not such a pleasant price point, so that one will need some saving :stuck_out_tongue: But I already have my money ready for my Eighty-Six 400 :wink:

Oh man, so many new Werrds coming out and they all look so good… I’ve gotta get my hands on at least one. The hard part will be choosing which… :smiley:

I know right, but I’ve goot more I have to choose between, 'cause I’m still new to YoYoing, so I don’t have many of their amazing existing throws either, this isn’t going to end well for my back pocket :stuck_out_tongue:

If that’s $50 I want it!

At $50 it’s a no-brainer for me. I’ll be curious to put it head-to-head with my much-loved SPYY Supra!