Werrd Minute

I have a supra also

Although I just went back to page 1 to remind myself of the specs-- I had been thinking of it as undersized, but at 52.5mm it’s not exactly a head-to-head with the Supra.

I love the 52-54mm diameter zone, so I’m even more excited for this!

I’m pretty sure 52.5mm is still undersized.


Well, it was a no brainer, and so with my no-brain, I ordered one along with my format:C.

It’s a REALLY GOOD yoyo! At the price… undebeatable. I need to get me a Shutter, which while a totally different style of yoyo, is going to be the all-metal yoyo for this to beat at the $45 price point.

Earlier in the thread, I wondered about this vs. a Supra. It’s really not comparable because although on paper, 2mm doesn’t seem like much… the size difference is remarkable. The Minute fills out your hand nicely, reminding me more of a full-sized yoyo than an undersized yoyo.

Might do a review once I’ve played it a week or two, but my very first impression was: “Hey, this plays like a small format:C!” (if I had purchased the eighty-six 400 I would no doubt say, “this plays like a small 86400,” mind you… but even side-by-side the similarities to format:C are notable!). It’s just exceptionally good, regardless of the price tag. I forgot that it came with a CT and when I saw that I thought, “way to make a ridiculous bargain even ridiculous-er, Werrd!”

And that little spike? It can do matador. Oh yes, it can do matador. Yet, it doesn’t get in the way of fingerspins. Nifty.