Werrd 86400 and Minute


I was wanting to buy a new yoyo and I was always intrigued with Werrd. The Minute and 86400 were the most interesting from the bunch. I was wondering if the 86400 plays like the Rally, because the specs and shape are almost identical and I personally did not enjoy the Rally.
And how does the Minute compare to 86400?


I can´t compare the 86400 to the Rally since i never had a Rally. But the 86400 is one of my 2 top yoyos of all time and its really good. Its relatively slim compared to its diameter but it still feels pretty big (to me). The minute has a very small diameter and is wider. I myself hate the minute, it feels very “weak” and i dont enjoy it at all.
so for me the 86400 is an easy 10/10 and the minute at best a 2/10. but thats just my opinion


Rally is boring and I can tell you that the 86400 is definitely not boring. I’d say that it’s probly due to the weight distribution of the 2 yoyos


So I just got my 86400. AND IT IS BRILLIANT! I had a huge grin on my first throw! More stable and fun compared to my Rally. Plus I love the heft of it! It feels like it has more power when I’m throwing it. However I did expect to be able to finger spin on it (since on the website it said it was beadblasted). It’s either I can’t fingerspin on it or I’m too scared to scratch the engravings.
Another good/bad thing is that I’m so used to loud centre trac bearings that I’m not sure whether the 86400 is spinning because it produces near-to-no sound.
Thanks guys! I definitely do not regret buying it!


Awesome! Werrd is such a great company. Looking forward to seeing their next round of releases.


The solid colors are blasted and the splash isn’t

not sure which one you got but I have a hachiroku edition which I can fingerspin


I don’t think you need to worry about scratching the engravings with your fingernail – that ano is pretty hard. Spin away!


Also, I love my 86400. =)


Yeh I got a splash since that was the only colour left at another store. But I probably wouldn’t want to trade the beadblast for this amazing emerald colour! OGMOGMOMGMMG
And I just needed to find the sweet spot for the finger spin (and let my nails grow out more) :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s hard to believe I’m still not bored of it!

I said to myself I wouldn’t buy another yoyo after this but it’s going to be hard with Werrd’s soon-to-come releases!

Yeh I did some finger spins and the engravings are solid! Regardless the sweet spot is on the edge of the engravings so that’s even better!


The number of times I’ve thought to myself, “I"m happy with my collection… I don’t plan on buying any more for a while…” and made a purchase only a few weeks later (or less)…!

Definitely keen on Werrd dropping their next wave of yoyos.