eighty-six 400, by werrd...

eighty-six 400, by werrd

weight - 67 grams
diameter - smidgen over 2 - 1/4 inches
width - 1 - 11/16 inches
gap - 4.5 mm

setup - slick 6 string, duncan blue 5a CW, otherwise…stock.

out of the box (my apologies for not havin’ pics of the package, i lost it almost a year ago) the 86-400 was flawless. mine came anodized in black w/ a silver/perhaps clear splash, which melded nicely w/ the precise gear design on the inside of each hub. the rims are clear w/ visible tight, exact machinin’ grooves. other yoyos i’ve experienced, i felt the manufacturer cut a corner or two…leavin’ machine marks on their yoyo or advertisin’ it as part of the design. with the 86-400, i had the opposite impression - as the execution in the design and creation is exact, imho.



the 86-400 is an oversized yoyo. not so much to where it’s cartoonish. its’ size and form factor added to the function and play, imho. an angular design w/ flat flared rims that have a nice organic transition to the hub. inside each half there is a small step in the design near the rim that flows down to the trademark werrd pointy hub center.


a size C center trac bearin’ comes stock w/ the 86-400. ‘nother nice small detail in the yoyo’s build that left a big impression on me. the stock response is slim pads, that can be removed to introduce a flowable silicone response. after removin’ a pad, i felt the channel in the response was deep ‘nough to accept silicone. which is ‘nother nice option for the player.


the bearin’ post is pronounced, which i love ‘bout werrd yoyos - goin’ back to the TLF groovy. the bearin’ snapped on/off w/ minimal effort which again speaks to the quality and care put into the manufacturin’ process. the inner part of the bearin’ seat flairs out into the bearin’ channel, and the bearin’ sits perfectly. the distance b/n the bearin’ and response might be 1/32 inch or even less. the inner hub remains flat pass the reponse and the design flares out from there.


i enjoy the play of the 86-400. the size and weight of the yoyo lends itself to more of a grace and flow approach to play, as opposed to stop and go…imho. purpose over velocity. initially, i was critical of the 86-400’s form factor. as i’ve seen the shape done a few times before from other manufacturers. but w/ time and closer inspection, the subtle dif-ferences and nuances introduced into the 86-400 truly brings it into its’ own.



i did not purchase this yoyo. it was given to me by one of my yo yo brethren. however, i would purchase this yoyo w/o any regrets. i have always known werrd to be a company that puts out quality product that doesn’t cut corners and focuses on the smallest of details. the 86-400 solidifies my view even further. well done, werrd…




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Awesome review!!

We’re very happy you liked it. It certainly has become one of the teams favorite throws.

Enjoy it, as I am sure you are.

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