YoyoFactory 44

Alright, so I blew like 500 bucks on yoyos this past week, and the last one I got was the 44. I had heard that it was coming out, but it kind of slipped my mind amidst my rampant yoyo purchasing. When I saw the banner on the main page for the 44, I was a little skeptical as to whether or not I should spend even more money and then that thing hit me that usually hits me when I decide to buy yoyo’s when I’m almost broke: it’s new, it’s sweet, and I have to have it.

There were a few key points that really drew me to the 44: 1) it had a diamter of 50.4 millimeters. I am one of those guys who doesn’t like yoyos to be too big, but not too small either. 52 mm had been my previous favorite for yoyo diameters, and so I was kind of worried that the 44 might feel to small. The second key point that drew me to it was the profile. I love classic, rounded yoyos. The addiction and the basselope are two of my favorite throws, and the profile of the 44 looked really similar to both of these, and it definitely drew me in. The third key factor was the colorway: blue and purple acid wash. Reminded me of my old kentaro superstar that my rabid ex-girlfriend somehow walked away with…

I have to say that after having yoyo’d (and bought yoyos) for the past year, the luster of checking my mailbox and finding that white priority box had almost diminished for me. Getting new yoyos just isn’t what it used to be. This week I forked over dollar after dollar trying to bring back that christmas morning feeling of a new yoyo, and after opening box after box this week it just wasn’t happening… Until I got the 44.

If you like yoyos that aren’t too big, but aren’t teeny-tiny, or yoyos that aren’t too heavy, yet not too light, and that have a comfortable, classic feel then the 44 is totally for you. The finish on it is amazing. It has a deep anodization that makes it a dream for grinds. It’s perfectly unresponsive, with nice tight binds. It’s really nimble on the string, and easily manipulated with its smaller size and ample weight. And, if you’re as lucky as I was, it will bring back that new yoyo christmas-like feeling.

Diameter: 50.4 mm / 1.98 inches
Width: 41.3 mm / 1.63 inches
Gap Width: 4.7 mm / .19 inches
Response System: Central Bearing Co - CBC Slim Pad
Weight: 66.4 grams
Bearing Size: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)

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Excellent review!! I might get one, at first i didn’t really like it, but now i do!! :smiley: Is the performence good?

i just ordered one, ics would be appreciated :slight_smile:

yeah it performs amazingly. I learned this trick called whim yesterday, and I was having a really hard time with my addiction, and then I get out the 44 and landed it within like a half an hour. It was crazy, that doesn’t happen to me all that much with other yoyos

I want one so badly, its just like 888 but more stable and floaty

I wish i had $500 dollars to spend on yoyos… maybe once i sell more towers…


yeah i’d like to see some pics of these towers. I’d be interested in getting one. Are they like for yoyo display?

tower id like to hear more

and now im thinking if the campfire will give that cristamas feeling
when it gets here next week

theres a link to the tower info bst page in my siggey. Theres two pics i posted, but the bottom one is a little distorted. I’m gonna try to post that one again.

Done here somewere.

Ohhhh, okay

almost best review I’v ever read. Only mancament, is no fotos… ; - P

whats that supposed to mean?

I thought that thing looked like a boss

i love mine its amazing the only minus id say is it has the tightest bearing seat iv ever seen

Can i borrow one of your yoyos. Anybody you can’t play with them all at once

it sucks don’t get one

They look great, I wish I had the money. :’(

HAHA you did the same thing I did, these past two weeks I spent half my check on 2 protostars, 44 special, Undeniable genesis, jurassic yfactor, dv888, and two minstars. I digress, when I first got the 44s it was my first metal after coming off the protostars and I have to say I hated it. It just didnt seem as stable and always tilted for me. Little did I know this was my fault because of sloppy play and not staying in plane with my movements. After realizing that I needed to practice what I learned and the 44s actually made me perfect my movements and tricks…its truly a beautiful yoyo that is so mundane in specs (good size, classic shape, even weight distribution, good weight…just seemed average) that it excels in everything. Now its sort of my beater it is what I pick up to practice my tricks after landing them and going through the motions on the protostars, great yoyo that I couldnt recommend enough!