Yoyofactory 44Clash 2010 Review

Hey guys . A few weeks ago i bought a 44clash and never made a review on it . I Guess its time .
So. SPECSZ0RS! As usual . I changed the bearing from a stock ( spec ) to center trac.

Style 1A . 3A ( Tough ) . 5A ( Tough )
Response : CBC Pads (slim)
Material : Aluminium
Body Shape : H-Profile
Bearing Size : YYJ/YYF Large (.250 x .500 x .187 in) C size Spec Bearing
Bearing Type : Ball Bearing
Width (mm) 33
Diameter (mm)43.8
Available in 5 Colours . I Got Blue

My First Impressions . Okay
When i received the package , i was on my way to school and i was so happy . when i opened the box i was slightly disappointed but happy at the same time. It was the first metal i’d had owned . Not only that , it was the smallest yoyo i’ve had . Not as small as the big deal or mighty flea though . Alright . Lets cut the crap and get to the performance

This thing may look small . But i’ve got to say , It is Fun and it hit me like 4 times . WAIT. Why am i telling you guys that? … Its spin time is 2 minutes on a good throw ( for me ) . While doing long combos , it doesnt die so fast . I kinda like this yoyo but its just too small for me . I cant really land some tricks on the string properly because i fail at playing with small yoyos . Its H-Profile shape makes me love it though.

Alright. To the cons . The Bad things about this yoyo.
I realized that the laser engraved ’ 44clash ’ will eventually ware out if played too much.
Thats about it ._.

Comparism. This thing is tiny . When compared to my PGM , Its just … Small… Really small…

Out of 10 , This yoyo gets 7 for performance
10 for the sexy colour
5 for the size ._. ( BOOOO )
8 for the shape

This review is pretty bad because im in a hurry . I Hope you guys liked it . Even though its bad . ‘ECKS DEE’

Pretty Good! Mine is hot pink. I would agree with everything except the logo wearing away. If this was your first metal you should really get a regular size! Still practice hitting those string tricks, It will really held sharpen up you presicion for when you get a regular yoyo!