YOYOFACTORY 44 Review (with Pics)

hey guys, haven’t been on here in a while so i figured i would kick off my small list of reviews with the new YoYoFactory 44… Now they call it the 44 because we all know that the number 4 sounds close to the word “yo” in Japanese, so 44 would be “yoyo” lol… thus the name, 44… now that we got that out of the way let me go ahead and give you guys the full on review:

Now when i pulled the 44 out, i noticed 3 things…
-Large Bearing
-BOSS Clone lol…
Now holding the 44 i definitely liked the feel, the Matte/Blasted finish was definitely a plus. And the colors are flawless and Beautiful. Something we expect from YYF (and they deliver every time). I held up the YYF Boss and 888x up to the 44 and saw that it was definitely in the same family. I also noticed this thing felt a tad heavier then both in my opinion, and i also noticed it was a few Mili-Meters smaller then the 888x. So about the same size as a Wooly Marmot…

Now i threw it down a few times only to bind it back up, the bind is nice and tight. Doesnt slip, Doesnt slide, it comes up nicely…

This thing Rips! the heavier weight definitely helps out a lot. It makes up for the smaller diameter in a big way… very smooth, no wobble or vibe. its easy to throw around and try new things. the gap IS a tad smaller in my opinion so this definitely is not a beginners yoyo. But it IS an awesome introductory yoyo into the metal family if you’re looking to upgrade from plastics. Grinds are definitely not a problem, Arm grinds are little tricky and definitely nothing you would do over and over again with this throw. But finger and thumb grinds are definitely smooth…

The Cons?:
Well i noticed the if you don’t throw the weight around right it WILL die on you in the middle of freestyles. But ONLY if you dont throw the weight around right… I compared the 44 to my YYF Boss and its just that… a clone. A much much much more improved version lol…

An over all good yo-yo… Definitely not for the beginners, But not bad at all for intermediates. I’m going to give this yo-yo a 8 out of 10… Only because this is a shape we’re all familiar with and is nothing really groundbreaking or new… Just a much improved version of an older model… Definitely something to try, But nothing to wait in line for…

Sorry Guys… My Photobucket account is acting all funky… i’ll try and get pics up ASAP!!!

So Feel free to post what you think of this review, or PM me any other questions you may have on this throw… Hope this helps guys, and most importantly… THANKS FOR READING!

Whens this hitting the shelves?

Good review, id just like some specs.

Also, hows this thing compare to the Boss. You said it was much much improved, but in which ways? Seems like a nice yoyo, your very lucky you got to try it :slight_smile:

i did post pics on here, if you can’t see them, then i’ll have to check out my photobucket lol… but yea i bought one here locally so they should be hitting shelves fairly soon. but as far as the improvement goes, the weight is definitely a huge thing, which i love. its slightly heavier, but doesn’t have a funky weight to it. the lip of the 44 is thinner then the boss and the concave shape is smoothed out, doesnt have that slight ridge. its all one smooth shape. the finish is a lot better too as i said earlier. its over all an awesome improvement. YoYoFactory did an excellent job.

try imageshack?

did you get it from Julius?

how much are these gonna cost?

Are yoyos called Chichis? in Japan then?

Because 4 in Japanese in Chi.

Doesn’t sound like an improved version of the Boss to me. My Boss allows for ridiculously sloppy play without spinning out.

actually, other than chi, it is also called yon, which sometimes is read as yo, so, 44 in yoyo culture (in japan) will be read yoyo,

On the YYF website they said it does’nt come out to the 23.

You guys really don’t think they have the word fourty-four in japanese? wow…

Yon-jyu-yon? X D

Lol ever heard of the huge contest 44 clash? That takes place in Japan lol