So who's had a YYF 44? And what do you think?

I’m thinking about getting a 44 as my next yoyo and was wondering what your opinions were about it.

I’m also considering:
YYF Boss
YYF Genesis
YYF 888 (If I wanted to hit the $100 mark)
SPYY Addiction (If I really wanted to splurge)
YYJ Trinity (although I already have a DM)

So what do you think?

here are two reviews i found to be helpful :wink:

Don’t decide just because of my opinion, but here it is.

Mr.Eli let my try one, and I thought it was nice. The binds were kind of slippy because of the monster gap, but that could easily be corrected with flowable silicone. The shape was nice; Your middle and your ring finger sat in the middle while your pointer and pinky gently sat on the rims. It grinded great and had a stunning appearence, even in black. It had a decent IRG. It could go fast without tiliting, but I you could slow down with out a worry that it would tilt on you.