New YoYoFactory YoYo

New YoYoFactory yoyo Coming soon! What do you think it is?  ???

My guess is the Yuuksta. But they probably haven’t released the name yet

This I like. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Oh, I have no clue what it is. :smiley:

The anno looks really cool
I think it might be the yuuksta because I dont know of any other yyf yoyos in the works

I want. Simple OG rounded shape = awesome.

Not Yuuksta. There was a thread about this on YYN, Ben said it is definitely not the Yuuksta.

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Oh, thanks for clearing that up!

As been said, this is not the yuuksta based on what ben said.

And i overhear theres should be some yoyo called comet and legend.
Well, hope someone have any info on this one.

Hey it’s another one.


I hope they come out with a stacked metal for under 80 at some point.

Teh Name is “44”


888 -> 44

What’s next? A YoYo just called 2?

Hmmm, that’s a good idea.

It’s an undersize. Hope it’s a fundemetal!

It would be 20. something lol. Sorry. math nerd sometimes

On the YYF website it said this is the first non-stepped profile metal yoyo since the Grind Master in 2006, but what about the Tactic?

Also, this is cool, but it seems YYF is releasing to many similar yoyos latley. They now have the Boss, 44, 888x, and the Tactic, all VERY similar in shape and size. I just think it would be a smarter choice for them to focuse on getting out different shaped yoyos, and take a break from the same old same old for a while.

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The name is 44 if you want to learn more about it go to yoyoskills or yoyonation and check :wink:

I’m not being Math Nerdy I’m looking at a pattern.

888 - Three Numbers - 8

44 - 2 Numbers - 4, Remove a number and divide 8 by 2.

2 - 1 Number - 2, Remove a number, divide 4 by 2.

Maybe they consider the Tactic as stepped on the lip?

Haha oh ya, i see it now. Lol.