New yoyos!

Who has suggestions for names of maybe new yoyos coming out.

I think their should be one called a prodigy if there isn’t one yet.

How about you? What do you think?

The Prodigy should be a undersized Legacy

The Factor
(probably would be used by YYF)

(not sure if it has already been made)

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The diabetic - It is just that sweet
The Apocolypse- A yoyo to die for
The Dark Magic - BUY IT
Crooked cop - Enforcing awesomeness
The Epic - nuff said
Up beat - …

all by the company, umm, who ever gets it first ( number 3 is already taken) now who did that ::slight_smile:

I still want a round big YYJ metal called the PhingerPrint.

The Nacho Liebre - You sure you can wrestle with this one.
The Throw Back - Who needs a quarter back

Wow guys these are awesome!!

We Should get Andre Boulay to see some of these!

Bright Magic

Start Up
Break Down
Flodrocemialictivitamonalistendramintegratianhydrochloricacidamolondrahamentic. For YYF.

Asterisc Fineprint. What? Did he just leak some info?


The Appleseed, Good to the CORE.
The Eraser, Erase all those mistakes and perfect them with this yoyo.
The Earth, Loop like the earths rotation.
Smile, You will never be caught frowning with this yoyo.

I have make some plans for a yoyo called UP standing for Undersized Play

The HypErbEast, the beast is unleashed.

I want it to be an undersized plastic. Like, FHZ Material, but gung heavy. It should be 50 to 49 mm, 41 mm wide, and have a round wall but sliiiiiightly angled rims. Like take the gung fu, angle the rims out the slightest bit, and make it normal plastic material. It should have flat hubs or matador spikes.


CWest(pronounced “quest”) the ultimate 5A yoyo!!

very creative

There ya go! ;D

liquid bright