Alex reviews: YYR Re Clash

Well, this is my first review so bare with me. Here goes!

Re Clash

OD: 55.02mm
Weight: 64.5g
Width: 42.2mm

Spinning shot

The fifth iteration in the now famous “Clash” line of YYR yoyos is unlike many yoyos I have seen before. Every year YYR releases a special edition yoyo for 44Clash and last year was no exception. Now let’s see if this yoyo is worth the hefty 160$ price tag or just collection fodder for some YYR junkie.

This. Yoyo. Looks. Tough. It looks like it might eat another yoyo. The sharp edges and dramatic shape remind of an ILYY Noctu. Maybe this yoyo ate a Noctu, who knows. The color on this particular one is great and reminds me of the 28 stories colorway we all know and love. In general I prefer a single solid color on my YYR because it gives it a more classy feel, but I will let this one slide because it looks AMAZING while spinning. This is the coolest looking yoyo ever when it’s spinning. Reminds me of my pixel blade on fruit ninja.

I think the shape may be one, if not the only downfall of this yoyo. Sure it looks cool, and good looks will get you very far in life, ask me. But this is a yoyo we’re talking about. Not life. The very dramatic step straight profile is a bit uncomfortable to hold and while my finger can rest peacefully in the middle of the gap this is not always case when the yoyo is returning at high speeds. I’m not saying it hurts. Because nothing hurts me. I’m a man. But it does get a bit uncomfortable at times. The shape does not lend to rejections very well, and I have to work a bit harder to get them to pop out. The one thing I would say the shape has going for it is how not wide it is. Yoyos with a bit more center weight tend to have an easier time with regenerations and this one is no exception. I can regen all day.

E=Mc^2, Re Clash, La Goutte

YYR is known for making some of the best performing yoyos on the market. I mean, why else would you spend 160$ on a yoyo? A cool colorway? HA! The Re Clash delivers. It sits on the lower end of the full sized spectrum at 55.02mm and it’s fairly light at 64.5g. Like most full sized yoyos you can expect great spin times. Remember when I said this yoyo eats yoyos? Yeah, well it also eats combos. I’m not talking about the pizza flavored ones either. I’m talking about your tricks. All of them. What really surprised me is just how nimble and quick this yoyo is on the string. While it will match the slower pace of some of my tricks, it feels like it wants to go a bit faster. Now I can’t really deliver here so I just threw some pretty quick generic tech at it, and the yoyo seemed much more adjusted to that speed. If I had to compare the overall feel to another yoyo I would say it’s like a beefed up Supernova that just ate a Noctu and wants your combos for desert.

YYR usually sticks to a certain formula when making yoyos. I don’t know what it is. At some point Kengo Kido must have caught a leprechaun and in exchange for his freedom the leprechaun revealed the secrets to yoyo manufacturing. This yoyo treads a little bit off the beaten path with it’s shape and I would like to see YYR work with it a bit more to improve it. It does play very well but for 160$ you can either get another, better, more comfortable YYR. Or like 6 other yoyos. One, maybe two of which you are guaranteed to like. I’m not not recommending it. It’s a sweet yoyo. Just explore your options a little bit. If you’re already sold on it and you think the shape is something you would enjoy, but you were just concerned about performance then pick one up. It plays on par, if not better than every other yoyo you have ever tried.

Shortly after the picture was taken it ate both of those yoyos.

Spin Time: 8/10
Smoothness: 10/10 NOTE: This yoyo hasn’t been unscrewed yet. Unscrewing this yoyo will lead to a vibe that is inherent in all YYR models. It does not affect play. But I would say an unscrewed YYR has a 7-8/10 on the smoothness scale.
Ergonomics: 6/10

OVERALL: 8.25/10

Not only was this review informative, but also humorous. Very good job. Now i want an Re Clash

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It’s not too often that a review is truly “entertaining”, but this one was.

I will never own a YYR, and I still liked it. :wink:

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I think it looks like a stealthy tank on a string, very nice. And, of course, nice review!

You had me sold with that spinning shot. Glad I read the rest of the review anyway because I got a good chuckle out of it.